DAG McCrory reveals his cluelessness on salary matters

If he tried to run a business in this fashion, it would go under quickly:

Diaz and McKillip were the recipients of those raises beginning in April. Data shows Diaz received a $23,000 a year pay bump, bringing his annual salary to $85,000. At the same time, McKillip began taking home an extra $22,500, bringing his annual salary to $87,500. The salary data came from the Charlotte Observer's public employee salary database.

"[Diaz] was in my office as a communications person, working as a lower level communications person in the governor's office," McCrory said Thursday. "My Health and Human Services Secretary [Aldona Wos] was so impressed with him, she wanted him to move to Health and Human Services and head up that whole process."

In McCrory's mind, this argument makes sense. What he doesn't realize is, he just admitted to paying a "lower level" staffer $62,000 per year, before his massive salary increase. The sad thing is, McCrory, Art Pope, and others in the country club coalition view $62,000 per year as "roughing it". Unless they're talking about teachers, not to mention the unemployed. They live in a different world.