DAG McCrory tries to distance himself from Chase Burns

But some connections are hard to cut:

“I wouldn’t know him if I saw him,” said McCrory, a Republican. “I think we got it (the checks) through the mail.” Four lobbyists at Moore & Van Allen, including a former spokesman for McCrory’s 2012 gubernatorial campaign, filed paperwork with the state Thursday severing ties with IIT.

You don't need to hire a private investigator to detect that connection. The spokesman for McCrory was also the spokesman for Chase Burns. Not only does that make McCrory's "plausible deniability" much less plausible, it also narrows the field on who asked for this money back in November:

And considering the timing, the NC GOP probably asked him for it, so they could spend another $110,000 in "in kind" contributions for Pat McCrory

There's a lesson to be learned here, for all those who make a business (religion?) out of fundraising for political campaigns. That money doesn't just materialize out of a vacuum. It has history, and sometimes that history is laced with fraud, deception, and a great deal of pain and suffering by those who have been defrauded and deceived. Lawmakers are supposed to protect those people, not benefit from their predicament.