Dale Folwell

In the fall of 2009 I contacted Dale Folwell, my House Representative, expressing my concern about payments made by the State Health Plan (‘SHP’) to a hospital that exceeded what the SHP’s contract had intended.

Ultimately, State Auditor Beth Wood determined that this hospital had been paid approximately $1.34M more than the SHP contract intended.

On Novembery 16, 2009 Mr. Folwell responsed to my initial contact: It's hard for me to absorb all these emails @ once. Let me breathe a little, dale

On November 19, 2009 he wrote: Joe, I am taking your emails and digesting them and trying to meet with the folks that you are frustrated with. I sense that you are frustrated with me. I understand and appreciate someone who is a mile deep on an issue, but I have to manage the data in order to get to the common good of the participants of the SHPlan and taxpayers. I can't do anymore than I am doing. ( and that may not be enough for you). dale folwell

Ultimately, Mr. Folwell did nothing.

And now he's running the State Health Plan.

Go figure.