D'Annunzio V. Republican Party V. Kissell

Earlier on DailyKos, Bernardpliers wrote a diary about the R party and how they are trying to kill the D'Annunzio campaign in NC 8th District. This is the district currently held by Larry (the back stabber) Kissell. What is so unusual is that they are digging up dirt on D'Annunzio and flinging it as hard and fast as possible.

In another post at DK, Barbara Morrill has picked up the story and is running it on the front page. In her take, she endorses the scenario that the Republican party is trying to keep out another Rand Paul!

Got your popcorn yet kids?


Just read the Rand Paul Litmus Post

and wonder how Bank Run Burr will be handling this.


I'm pullin' for the guy. I really am.

Anyone want to sum up what the deal with this race is?

I keep hearing about it, but don't really have any vested interest in it, so I haven't looked it up. I keep seeing the name D'Annunzio popping up everyone on here, it seems.

The boy ain't right,

but he's accumulated a lot of money. It's an interesting (and possibly dangerous) combination, which is one reason why I've paid him so much attention.

Olberman ran the story tonight

and had a lot of fun with it.

Resistance is Fertile