Data behind the NC Republican voter suppression law

This blog post has some good detailed analysis and charts on voting patterns in NC, demographic trends, and why gerrymandering and voter suppression laws are the only way that the NC GOP can stay in power.

A couple of highlights:

The New Republic’s Nate Cohn found that if voter ID requirements had been in place during the 2012 election, they would have cost President Obama 25,000 to 30,000 votes. The voter ID requirements won’t take effect until 2016, but the other parts of the bill take effect before the 2014 elections and could be even more damaging to Democrats.

According to Catalist, over 1.3 million Democratic voters cast their ballots early in 2012, and just over 873,000 Republicans voted early. Data from the first seven days of early voting provided by Catalist and available on the Atlas Project Online Toolkit’s Absentee/Early Vote Reports module reveals numbers that are even more striking. During the first seven days Republican legislators are cutting from the early voting period, 458,258 Democrats used in-person early voting, while just 240,146 Republicans did so.