Dave Ribar: NCGOP's bitter fruit

Given the magic of the invisible hand, you'd think GOP policies to destroy public education would have triggered a hiring frenzy here in North Carolina. Not.

The state has performed worse than the rest of the country. While the national job picture has been far from than stellar, the national economy has still managed to add 433,000 jobs since March. Over the same period, employment in North Carolina has fallen.


The Republicans' policies are inflicting lots of pain in the form of displaced government workers, reduced public services, and more crowded classrooms but are producing no discernible benefits for the general economy. Worse still, the cuts have largely come from the education sector, which will likely lead to North Carolina's children and young adults being less productive and earning lower wages in the future.


Far reaching effects.

How many families will decide they have to move out of state for a job, thus reducing the tax base and further reducing state revenues?

Bad times.