Is David Young the progressive leader we need?

Since his election many have asked why this man. Now he has a situation at a trailer park in Weaverville, NC.

Earlier this week, David Young, the chairman of the N.C. Democratic Party and the owner of the Eden Glen Mobile Home Park in Weaverville said the orange-colored water he charges residents for is safe but “not pretty.” Oh, and for those who refused to pay the bills because the water is so nasty? The people who may want a word with the park owner after their water was cut off?

“I don't manage it (the mobile home park). … I'm just an investor there,” Young told our paper.

Dear lord.

You're not just an investor, David; you're the owner, along with your wife, Leigh. It's on the legal papers.

Mr. Young can't even tell the truth about his holdings, how can we trust him with our party?

Leslie Burnett and trailer-mate Draven Marco, who have five children in their trailer, just moved in about a month ago and weren't told about the bad water.

“At first I used some of the water to mix up formula, and my baby vomited profusely and didn't stop until I started using bottled water,” Burnett said. “We've gotten rashes, boils, yeast infections. The ants die if they get in the bathtub and drink the water.”

That's more than “not pretty,” David. That's shameful.

Situations like this shouldn't be associated with ANY Democrat much less the leader of the State party!

In 2008, you petitioned the state to start charging for this and were granted permission in January.

They started getting bills in February — for water few human beings would use. People are supposed to pay $45 or $50 a month for orange water that stains their clothes and tubs? Water they're convinced sickens their children?

Orange water that sickens children and kills ants. How in the world can this man represent the party that is suppose to take care of these same people?


Um...David Young is not a

Um...David Young is not a progressive, I don't think that is a surprise to anyone in the party or any progressives out there who vote Democratic and may work in/with the party. Interesting stuff though...

That's right

Mr. Young doesn't even pretend to be progressive, for which he deserves credit in the integrity department. But he may well be presiding over the end of an era. North Carolina is changing. There are many more independents in the mix who have zero tolerance for either the blue boyz club or the red boyz club. It's time to put a woman in charge.

I agree on the integrity

I agree on the integrity point he really doesn't pretend which is commendable hence it being no surprise that we wouldn't consider him progressive. But I would argue that a woman wouldn't make any difference in and of it self, I have seen just as many women as men be fiercely loyal to the party which is important in a chair but also forgetting at times what makes them Democrats in the first place.

I think it is a tough balancing act to be a chair, I think that if everything above is 100% accurate though that there needs to be some changes.

Water at Eden Glen Mobile Home Park

There's lots of "orange" water in this area. I'm told it is because of iron. In fact, I have "orange" water from my well. If unfiltered, the water does stain bath fixtures and, depending on the day, might stain white or light colored clothing in the washing machine.

I don't mean to be horrible about it but if I thought my household water was making my family physically ill and/or causing boils (!!!), I believe I'd camp out rather than continue in the situation.

1. Has the water been tested for bacteria and chemicals? My guess is that it has been tested and reported as potable.

2. If the water is just "iron water" and the problem is the color and residue, the owners of the property should install the appropriate filtering system at the well to remove the "orange." Or, small household filters can be installed on the water line very inexpensively inside the residence. The expense comes in replacing the filters on a regular basis.

I don't believe Mr. Young or his wife would be happy about orange stained bath fixtures or ruining white/light colored clothing in the wash. It is just common decency to do at least the minimum to ameliorate the problem. As I said, iron water is common in WNC.

Ivy (not too very smart but sort of practical) :)


this is outrageous

David should do the right thing regardless of his status as party chair - he wouldn't let his daughter or his mother drink orange water.

The fact that the chair of the Democratic party can't do a better job than this only highlights the deplorable level of environmental injustice in our state.

Every active Democrat in the state should be embarrassed that this is an unresolved issue.

We've had brownish-orange water in our area since we moved here

almost six years ago. The water was potable but tasted awful and we've been using an aqua-rain filter for everything but bathing and cooking and coffee, etc. We were serviced by Porters Neck Water in the Ogden area of Wilmington. Complaints were heeded but unresolved. Now, the Cape Fear PUA has purchased that water system and switched us over to a new nano-filtration system and, wonder of wonders, the water is clear and drinkable. I'm told the new filtration system adds about $1.00 monthly to the average household bill. Worth every penny...and I can get rid of our water softener too...because the nano-filter handles hardness also. First sensible thing the county has done in years.

As to Mr. Young. I'm sure it's all about money. Usually is. I don't want him representing democrats or anything if he doesn't have the moral courage to do what's right. I'm sure McIntyre can find some grant money for him so the taxpayers can fix his problem.

I'm keeping the filter. It's fabulous and a great emergency resource.

See Aqua Rain if you have dirty or bad tasting water. It works.

Stan Bozarth

If I weren't a politician!

John Boyle, Asheville Citizen Times:

Without a doubt, Young's role in all this has been scrutinized more closely than if he were just a private businessman.

“Political figures are under a lot more scrutiny in what they do and explaining what they do,” said Gibbs Knotts, a political science professor at Western Carolina University. “If they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing, they're more likely to be called out on it.”

Young knows it comes with the territory.

“Certainly, there's been a lot of attention on this because of my position, and it's not something I would ever want to repeat again,” Young said. “If I weren't a politician, would you have covered it as much?”

Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm glad we have.

Sounds to me like Young feels pretty sorry for himself - I suppose I would too if it were me... We can't walk a mile in our neighbor's shoes, we can't even take our own shoes off.

I'll email John and see if there is any update. This story is date July 4th. Land of the free, you know?

Is there something besides iron in the water around Asheville?

Just wondering since the paper in Raleigh is reporting almost daily on folks from there like State BOE Chair Larry Leake from Madison County (next to Buncombe County). Madison County is famous (notorious?) for its crooked politicians over many years.

I saw David Young in action for the first time in Fayetteville at the State Democratic Convention. To say he is not a Progressive is not my only concern. He also is not a democrat with a small "d." He appears both arrogant and autocratic to the extreme.

How did he ever get elected by the party delegates?

Martha Brock

It is a wonder Martha

It could be the same people that paid and promoted Alvin Greene in South Carolina......