Davis puppet dances to Art Pope's tune

Surprise, surprise.

Perhaps more than any other North Carolina politician, Sen. Jim Davis owes his place in the state legislature to Republican millionaire donor Art Pope. And now, Davis is the lead sponsor of a bill that Pope and his network of conservative groups have made a top priority this year: to dismantle the state's system of publicly-financed, "clean" elections -- a reform aimed at lessening the influence of outside money in politics.

In a year of record-shattering spending for state-level elections, about 75 percent of the outside, non-party money in North Carolina's 2010 races was funneled through three groups backed by Art Pope: Americans for Prosperity, Civitas Action and Real Jobs NC.

Welcome to the Show, Mr. Davis.


Let this be a lesson to you conservative "Democrats"

John Snow was one of the most conservative Democrats in the NC General Assembly, but Art Pope and the GOP STILL CAME AFTER HIM -- with a flood of cash.

It doesn't matter how much you try to compromise, triangulate, or play their game. They're coming after you.

May former Senator Snow's 2010 defeat be a lesson to those Democrats urging a moderate, or "go-slow" approach or attempts to work with the radical reactionary NC Republicans.

They're coming for you no matter what you compromise.


Another Brain Dead Republican Puppet at work again

When the brain dead Republican Art Pope puppet Senator Jim Davis promotes paper ballots for elections instead of the usual electronic voting machines that are loaded with Republican micro-chip fraud, than we will know the dude is for real..Hell.. The Germans have finally fiqure out that electronic voting machines are rigged since they are going to paper ballots in the next elections....Local State Corporate Fascism owns North Carolina lock, stock and barrel........

I've heard some folks

over the last year or so talk about how efforts to call attention to Art Pope's behavior was either unfair (from conservatives) or a distraction (from progressives), but they're both wrong. And the proof is being exposed on a near daily basis since this new GA session began.

His influence is showing up in numerous pieces of legislation and the committee and floor debates associated with these bills. So much so that his behavior is tantamount to suborning our State's legal framework, not to mention negatively impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.

The fact that he can do all those things legally is mind-boggling. And the fact that only a small fraction of the population seems to care is even more mind-boggling. It's like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone, every day.


Voter fraud seems to be prevalent in this country. The reasoning is understandable but the reality is a disgrace. I hope that something is done to stop both parties from partaking in this practice.

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