Dazed and confused: Solar farms dangerous but fracking is safe?

Fear and loathing in Laurinburg:

A lawyer for landowners who were denied a permit last week by the Robeson County Board of Commissioners says the unfounded worries are putting in jeopardy a lucrative industry. In a separate case, the Laurinburg Planning Board on March 12 denied the same company, Strata Solar of Chapel Hill, a permit for panels off U.S. 501. To Rowland Mayor Elizabeth Hunt, the concerns aren't unfounded. "It's not an issue of trust. It's not technology lagging behind. It's the unknown," Hunt told Robeson County commissioners during the April 1 hearing on the Strata farm. She said she read that materials in the panels contained toxins that could leak into groundwater or sewer systems.

This article is somewhat dated, and Robeson County has since reversed its decision. But it's apparent there is some sort of stealth propaganda campaign going on, because the same unfounded fears are showing up in different places. Film at eleven.