Dear Dad,

I do appreciate that you've given us a gift card from Best Buy to buy a Wii with. I know that you dote on my son (from a distance) and are quite happy to substitute money for actual time with the child.
But for gods' sake, the damn thing costs $250, plus tax. You gave us $400. This is 2/3 what my mom gets in an entire month to live on, because you sold her house at no profit and refuse to give her her share of your retirement benefits (which she is legally entitled to, since you were married for more than 10 years). You presumably know that she is on medicaid and food stamps, and has been for years, and has health problems that keep her from working. I realize that you have been divorced for more than 10 years, but she has been declining mentally and physically for much more than those 10 years. In fact, ever since she got that closed-head-injury (traumatic brain injury), she's been having problems. She has no money, and no prospects. If we didn't have our limping-along, pain-in-the-ass social safety net, she'd have been dead a long time ago.


Man, that's hard stuff.

But thanks for putting it out here.


Do you suppose your Dad will read this here...?

I assume you sent the check to your mom.

This IS hard stuff. I suspect there's a lot to this story. I'm sorry for all involved. It doesn't sound good. Life is hard and it often isn't fair.

Stan Bozarth

No, he's hundreds of miles

No, he's hundreds of miles away, not reading NC political blogs. I can't send it to my mom, it's a gift card, not a check. He didn't give me a check because he knows I'd either give it to her (she's just moved up here) or put it in my son's savings account, and thus, no Wii.
- BJ

- BJ

The really pissy part is

The really pissy part is that he calls himself a progressive/liberal. He's white in a very southern conservative area, married to a black woman. He's a lifelong ACLU member, and hugely influential in educational circles in the Deep South. But where my mom is concerned, he's completely blind.
- BJ

- BJ

You can trade the gift card in

(which would be crappy for your son, but...)


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