Dear Media, you owe an apology

from a blogger knowledgeable about developmental disabilities including autism:

Dear Media,

The tragedy in Connecticut is utterly unfathomable and one where all the answers may never come. We understand the drive to “get to the bottom of it”, but in doing so, many of you are creating another class of victims. People who are already stigmatized. People who fight on a regular basis to be accepted and understood for who they are, but will live most of their lives being misunderstood much of the time. These people eat, sleep – and even have dreams and ambition – just like you and me. And they hurt when others speak wrongly of them – just like you and me...

She continues, "These fellow human beings are those who just happen to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Most of these individuals will never harm anyone. Ever. And they have diverse personalities just like everyone else..."

Thanks to Amy Seeley of the News and Observer for sharing this link and an making an important point for consideration: Please don't make rush judgments based on limited info and prejudices. The letter is written by Julie Clark, Published Author, Speaker and mom of a daughter with Asperger's.


I have a family member

who occupies an awkward spot on the autism spectrum, just short of Asperger's, full of anxiety and worry. She is also the kindest, gentlest person on earth.

If the news profession hasn't fully degenerated into a mob filled with clowns, it's getting closer and closer with every passing drama.