Dear Mr. Crazy

I don't know who you really are - and would like to keep it that way - but it appears from an email I received this morning that you have an unhealthy obsession with me and BlueNC. At the risk of feeding your paranoia, however, I do want to address one question from your latest rant.

What no one asks is this most basic question: where does the money come from to fund BlueNC? Who pays the people who work for BlueNC? The owners on paper are not rich philanthropists. But millionaire Art Pope and billionaire Koch Bros are. And running concealed fake grassroots organizations is their specialty. They finance the tea party and con millions of American Teabaggers to work for them for free.

You are a freakin' genius. It took you a few years, but you are the only person who has figured it all out. You discovered that BlueNC is really a secret subsidiary of Variety Wholesalers, funded in full by Art Pope.

(You need help. Seriously.)


I'm not posting the text of

I'm not posting the text of Mr. Crazy's email here, but am sending it to my attorneys instead to assess the potential for legal action.

Is this the same guy

who rants and rages about Progressive Democrats in emails to every NCDem for whom he can find an email address?

Must be

I received the email from three people this morning. The rest of the screed was really scary stuff.

Sorry you have to deal with

stuff like this, James. As much as you've sacrificed to try to improve the lives of fellow citizens, to be criticized, stalked and threatened for doing that is just plain crazy.

It's okay

On a good day, it's actually kind of funny to come across such gross ignorance.

Anyone with half a brain knows that BlueNC has no formal relationship with the Democratic party, Art Pope, the Koch brothers, Ron Hubbard, Area 51 or anything else besides what's obviously visible and transparent.

But the idea that anyone actually reads what Mr. Crazy writes ... that's what's really scary.

Is Gene a Charlie Sheen Warlock in training plant?

Area 51 or anything else besides what's obviously visible and transparent. * James

Let's face it dude! You have been expose as a Corporate Art Pope Alien Lizard who escape from Area 51, 6 years ago by Gene. If I didn't know any better, I think Gene is a secret Tea Party member whose main mission in life is to wipe out any wack-out thinking in politics.

Charlie knocks them dead last night in Atlanta with Gene

Dear Mrs. Crazy

Mr. Crazy is a VA proxy for a Mrs. Crazy in NC who feeds him the misinformation he distributes. I recommend a reading of NC's cyberstalking law to anyone who thinks that gossamer thin anonymity is a license to harass.

The strangest thing is that he sounds like a "progressive"???

I get Gene's emails, too, and find them deeply puzzling. On the one hand, he rants and raves against anything "progressive", finding conspiracy &c. everywhere. Apparently we are all controlled by Jerry Meek.

On the other hand, when he talks about policy and issues, he sounds like a progressive. He is strongly anti-corporate, rails against "Rethuglicans", wants people like Elaine Marshall to win, and so on. I agree with much of that although I tend to express it differently.

Gene gathers names and information about all of his progressive enemies - he seems to know lots of names - everything except what matters, namely what "progressives" are actually motivated by and fighting for. Does he ever actually speak with anyone from BlueNC, NC Progressives, etc? He probably avoids that sort of contact because it would risk collapsing the whole paranoid house of cards that he has constructed.

-- ge

P.S. Here's an example of the sort of thing I find to be totally progressive in tone: "It's been a busy month of March, as those reading my national wordsmithing on other matters noticed. February wrapped up with a bonus: WI Gov Scott Walker -- thinking he was talking on the phone with his boss, billionaire Carpetbagger David Koch -- exposed to a reporter for 20 minutes that he is a Key Player in the Koch Bros Facist Empire, with full intentions of dismantling the Middle Class in America ASAP...."

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

It's a form of transference,

generated from narcissistic paranoia. Likely some earlier (childhood?) antagonist had a memorable trait (hair, eyes, voice, whatever) which he subconsciously matches up with a person he meets later in life, creating a new antagonist. Whatever this new antagonist professes to believe in (calls himself a Progressive) is subsequently tainted, and all who profess the same become a new super group of antagonists. And now he's the only one that can save the world from this growing evil....

And then there are the semi-literate armchair psychologists to contend with. ;)


What's even more bizarre is his ranting about you, George. He thinks "Zabouti" is a secret name for some sock-puppet who masquerades as Art Pope.

I don't know "Gene" and I don't receive emails from him, thank goodness. How do you stand it?

You're right: there I am in his email...

I can never bring myself to read very far since he just goes on and on with his ranting, even when I agree with it, so I hadn't noticed that.

Hey, Gene!! I'd be 'ge' instead of 'zabouti' if two-letter IDs were still allowed the way they were back in the early 80s. But they're not. Zabouti was the my smartest student in Tunisia, where I was his English teacher while in the Peace Corps. I use his name proudly. And my identity is absolutely no secret:

-- ge

Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo

He sounds like a foreigner

Zabouti. He has to be a criminal.

He looks like a foreigner?

Zabouti. He has to be a criminal.* James

Right! But you are wrong at the same time. Zabonaee is the ice cleaning machine used at Hockey games that comes out between the periods that sweeps and reices the arena court. The left over crush ice is than sold to the Sluzzy Corporation of Canada and recycled to the United States at 24/7's in various colors as Republican Pink, Carolina Blue and Puke Tea Party Green. The Zabonaee ice machine was invented by Ike Zabonaee who was the brother of Bernie Ponzi, the first private inventor of the Federal Reserve System. Bernie was convicted of Corporate fraud by the Federal government in 1913 by Teddy Roosevelt's Justice Department when 1,200 million of his investors try to withdraw their investments at the same time when rumors abounded that he had loan his brother major investment funds to invent a flying ice machine. The rumor was trace down many years later which was started in a small bicycle shop in Ohio by a couple of brothers named Wright. When Ike finished his prison sentence, he later sold the rights to the ice machine to the United States War department who used the ice machines as mobile Tanks against the Canadian Government in a unknown war during the 1920's between Canada and the USA over a ice cream product known as Eskimo Huskey. The present day ice machines cost about 1.5 million dollars each and the Military Industrial Complex is considing replacing the Cruise Tommyhawk Missle with them in the war against Lybia..figuring it is cheaper and more humane to cool down hot feeling between the waring tribes and parties..

Much of the research on this subject came from Gene and the Art Pope historial society of Apex.

picture in Gene's emails

yeah, but how many of you can say they have had their picture in one of Mr. Crazy's emails?

I know of only two and I am one of them. The other is a poster on here also.

Care to share

any of her aliases?

Well, I guess you could take

Well, I guess you could take it as a compliment. If someone really wants to know how your website is funded and then starts saying crazy things then it could be that they are either jealous or you, my friend, are striking a nerve.

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