Dear President Obama

In case it's not clear to you by now, the Republican leadership in North Carolina (like the Republican leadership in Washington) is dedicated to one mission and one mission only: to see you fail at every turn. It's time to give them hell to pay.

Last year they passed legislation to ensure that gay members of the armed forces - the men and women you command - will permanently be second class citizens here the Old North State. Last week they began the process of funneling taxpayer dollars from public schools to private businesses with no record of effective education. And this week they will vote to ensure that the Affordable Care Act fails in our state.

Simply put, Republicans are going to fuck with you in every way they can because they expect you to take it without complaint.

I respectfully suggest that you fight fire with fire. Tell these assholes that if they want to screw with you, that the cost will be more than they'll ever know. Come to North Carolina and take over our healthcare system. If any organization wants to resist, cut them off at the knees from any federal spending. Same with public education. All those grants going to all those universities? Shut them down.

Then file charges against right-leaning non-profits who are illegally engaged in electioneering. Sue private companies that are violating federal environmental laws. Withdraw federal funding for North Carolina transportation and infrastructure projects. Ensure that our state gets not a penny of federal disaster relief as a result of hurricanes yet to come. And finally, redeploy hundreds of thousands of military jobs in North Carolina to other bases in other states.

You may not be able to do all these things easily, but do them you must. Our state government is going rogue and unless you act, Republican greeders will do their damage without paying the price. They believe you are a wimpy, the compromisor in chief. Prove them wrong.

Your occasional friend,