I'm writing about my new novel, Jesus Swept. Your book review team concluded this week that it's not your style, that "you don't do books like this." With all due respect, that's a punch of bull. Jesus Swept is right down your alley. A strike if there ever was one.

Seriously. Jesus Swept would be more at home on this list than some of the books already on it.

Maybe what you meant to say is "we're really busy, try again later?" Okay. I'll take that. Just tell me who to send a review copy to.

Thanks for this supreme indulgence.

A friend and loyal reader,



Don't mind me.

Book promotion is weird these days. Everyone is trying to figure it out, and as soon as they do, it all changes. For a first-time invisible author like me, it's doubly challenging.

I have to do at least one thing everyday to promote my book - my personal commitment - and sometimes that means making things up on the spot. Like I'm doing right now.

So, as I say, don't mind me. It's all a grand experiment.


PS Any suggestions on any fronts are fully welcome. I'll try almost anything. Including reading this coming Thursday at Market Street Books at Southern Village in Chapel Hill.

I'm just a normal kinda reader

James, I'm just a normal kinda reader...spend a lot of time reading different books 'cause I have the time and my mom taught me to enjoy books. I don't read the "classics" although I've done so...but I just love to curl up with a "blankie" and do some wierd stuff like Dean Koontz and really enjoy the Patricia Cornwell sagas. My sis's do that as well.

My reason for saying this is that if ya want to be successful over the years, you have to offer up "continued interest" books....if you get what I'm saying. You are most certainly gifted, but that's not enough to give you further success. You have to play to the readers, so to speak.

Just me offering up my input. May mean nothing and may be nothing you want or are askin' for.


The best thinking is independent thinking.

Playing to the readers

Now there's the trick.

It's sort of like religion, though. Lots of different gods, lots of different faiths. They even have their own favorite books! The Bible. The Koran. The Kama Sutra.

I'm writing for readers who like to have fun with words, and maybe even fun with god. The way I see it, any god worth her salt should be able to take a joke.

amen to that!

If she can't laugh at stuff that's funny, she's not worth worshiping (in my opinion.)

I'm ordering my copy now, James. The change in job has slowed me down on stuff that I wanted to do. You'll have to sign it for me some time.

Gotcha, James

Just offering up my perspective on this.


The best thinking is independent thinking.

And I appreciate it.


Maybe some Guerrilla marketing...

start nailing some broom shaped crosses up in odd places.

Or some cross shaped brooms!

Neat idea, loftT. I was originally hoping to have a broom-crafter join in my venture and make a line of designer broom like the ones Jesus and the boys use in the book. I couldn't find anyone interested early on ... maybe I should search again.

Broom Maker to Resurrect the Twelve Apostles!
Sense of humor helpful, but not required.

Inquire within.


that's what I meant of course. drinking hot chocolate now maybe brain will thaw.

I've reached an interesting part.

I've been slowed down by so many things I can't even tell you. But, I'm just about to reach... I'll call it "The Swimming Pool Scene". Really enjoying it right now and missing the years when I could sit down and read for hours at a time.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Sergeant Stone

is definitely my favorite supporting actor. I love that wasp scene.

A fun review at Jesus General

I love it when my friends like the book. When I send it to people I don't know, however, it's always a little anxiety inducing. So I was really happy to see this review posted a few days ago.

Jesus' General is one of our ring leaders

at Second Life. He hosted SL dances and a naked Dick Cheney was our bar tender. Maybe it's time for you to set up on Second Life.....or for your main character to have a life on Second Life.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Muuuuch better clothing choices


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.