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Report: Obama to go after Romney on abortion

From NBC news tonight:

Report: Obama to go after Romney on abortion, flip-flopping

President Obama is in attack mode.

The commander-in-chief will go on offense and call Mitt Romney out over his abortion stance during Tuesday night’s presidential debate, NBC’s Kristen Welker reports, citing sources close to the campaign. Obama also will argue that Romney misrepresented his views during the first debate, when he portrayed himself as a moderate, according to the report.

“We’ve seen [Romney] say whatever’s convenient. He’s tried to muddy the waters on the issue,” PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton said, noting that the hot-button issue did not come up during the first face-off, in which Obama was criticized for being listless and professorial.

Finally! I sincerely hope Obama makes a strong statement tonight. This is obviously a big chink in Romney's campaign armor. He may try to state a position now, but how can he be consistent, when he as been all over the place in the past?

Martha Brock

2nd Debate: was there any discussion on abortion?

I did not see all of the debate, just parts of it, but I saw nothing on abortion. Can't understand all the hoopla about "binders full of women."
We all knew before the debate that Romney did not support Equal Pay, woman's right to choose, etc.

Why was abortion issue or Roe vs. Wade not addressed directly by any women in the audience? Or was it asked by questioner(s) but not asked by Moderator?

Martha Brock

Debate: Who Gets To Ask Questions? What's The Format?

Good coverage online from NPR:

[NPR] will be live blogging before [the candidates] get going and as they take questions from audience members in what's being billed as a town hall format. The debate is set to start at 9 p.m. ET. The 80 people selected to attend have said they aren't committed to either candidate. CNN's Candy Crowley is the moderator. She'll be posing some follow-ups...

From Twitter:
nprpolitics Our live chat for the #debates starts at 8:30PM ET! Read our liveblog, listen to the debate, & participate in the chat:

Martha Brock

Obama is on fire

Keep an eye on the polls after this debate.

It seems like debates are rated on 2 things

It seems like debates are rated on 2 things, flash polls, and social media. I hope we see the flash polls reflect how well the President has done after it's all over. In the mean time, we've got to light it up on twitter, facebook, and all over the internet!

#debates on Twitter

Twitter reports a #debates milestone: 1 million tweets and counting tonight so far via @gov #HofstraDebate

Martha Brock