Decision day is coming this week

Decision day is coming this week. We don't know which day, but we know it's coming. Discriminatory laws like DOMA and Prop 8 could both be put to rest by the Supreme Court this week. Even though that would leave a long ways to go on the marriage equality issue and other LGBT equality issues, it would still be the biggest advancement for LGBT equality thus far in my lifetime.

Equality NC has promised to have a large statewide rally in Raleigh on whatever day the decision comes down. And Democracy NC with Wilsonians for All NC families will be having a special event in eastern NC on Thursday as well. We'll be doing a film showing of a documentary about amendment 1 to look at where we've been, followed by discussion about the Supreme Court case and where we're going.

Here's the final weekly Marriage News Watch to come out before the decision:


It matters

Some folks have asked if putting up that now very familiar red equal sign picture for marriage equality on your facebook, blog, or other social media network really matters or makes a difference.

I can't speak for everyone, but I can say it does for me. During the Supreme Court case back in March it was profoundly meaningful to see a sea of red, and I do hope to see that again this week.


On FB and Twitter


Hopefully others will follow suite. It's not often I speak highly about seeing a sea of red! =p

Scalia's remarks

No matter what decision SCOTUS makes this week, equality for LGBTs will happen - if not now, it's only a matter of time.

One thing I'm wondering about and that I didn't see in any news report about Scalia's appearance in Asheville before the NC Bar Association is why he was speaking there and who lined up the appearance.

A couple of things seemed odd about it. The appearance happened right in the middle of the court's current term, just before we're possibly going to hear the decisions in a couple of important gay rights cases. The way I understand it, the justices have to try to end the term by a certain date so they can take care of other commitments like teaching or speaking engagements.

Did they jet him in from DC just for this speech, or did he have some other meetings this weekend in the state? Perhaps with someone from the NC Family Policy Council, the Christian Action League, the Family Research Council or Return America, the big backers of Amendment One?

I'm curious because of the recent statement by a coalition of anti-gay groups that they would defy any Supreme Court ruling on DOMA or gay marriage.

Since NC's vote on Amendment One is the most recent, it would be easier for these organizations to "mobilize the troops" for some kinds of protests or actions than a state where the gay marriage issue was voted on much longer ago. The mailing lists and phone trees would still be useable and evangelicals would be more hyped up about the issue since they had their "victory" not that long ago.

Scalia's spoken for and been invited to political strategy meetings with extremist political groups before and been involved with fundraising for these organizations.

Was Scalia in town just to "vent" his views on gay marriage, which everyone has heard before? It'd be mighty convenient if these anti-gay groups had someone associated with the court that might give them some early insider info that might help them put together some quick organized response to the decision.

Not paranoid or anything. Just curious why someone like a Supreme Court justice would pop up in a little place like Asheville in the middle of the court's term. It would be like a dissenting judge in Brown vs Board of Education flying down to Little Rock a few days before the decision is announced.

Well, This is How I Imagine It...

(in SCOTUS chambers):

Scalia: All I know is, something has GOT to be done about them gays!

Roberts: Can we please focus on the constitutional aspects of the case before us?

Thomas: Obama is a Muslim Marxist America Hater. He's trying to get our guns, unless he poisons us with chemtrails first.

Roberts: (AHEM!)

Scalia: The gays! It's "BIG GAY" and they're wanting to marry!

Kagan: I call the question. Can we just vote?

Scalia: I'm outta here. I'm going to some place where they don't allow gay marriage. Preferably where they don't have any gays. Which state most recently passed an anti-gay-marriage amendment? Book me on a flight to there! I can probably make a speech or something. Just get me away from them gays!

Sotomayor (under her breath): Good riddance!

Kennedy, Alito: SECOND!

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014