Delusional Dole

Liddy Dole is losing it, pure and simple. After years inside the Big Bad Bush Bubble, her grasp of reality on the ground here in North Carolina is tenuous, and her understanding of what matters most to we the people is non-existent. Holed up in her Watergate ivory tower, she seems to think North Carolinians are a stupid bunch of yahoos who care as much about 'celebrity' as she does.

The record is clear: Elizabeth Dole is a serial failure just like George Bush.

During her tenure at the American Red Cross, she drove the once-commendable organization into the ground. If you have not read this article, you must:

The Nation investigation found that shortly after her appointment to head the $1.7-billion-a-year charity, Mrs. Dole assembled a special team of longtime political advisers. Their job was to vet important Red Cross actions, both managerial and scientific, with a political sensitivity to what might help or hurt Bob Dole's presidential ambitions.

When her husband was scrambling for the backing of the Christian Coalition prior to the Republican primaries, Mrs. Dole ordered her allies to rewrite an AIDS prevention manual to cater to Christian right orthodoxies about homosexuality, premarital sex and condom use. Also shoring up Bob Dole's standing with the Christian right, Elizabeth Dole took to the hustings while in office at the Red Cross to give frequent speeches about her born-again Christian commitment.


Mrs. Dole's special team interfered in day-to-day Red Cross decisions, frustrating the charity's professional staff and contributing to an exodus of many senior technicians, volunteers and other crucial personnel. Under this politicized leadership, the Red Cross's much-touted "transformation" program to assure a safer blood supply has fallen short of its goals and behind schedule.

Over the past five years, she has worked behind closed doors with Senator John Warner of Virginia to sell out her constituents in northeast North Carolina to the US Navy in exchange for political favor. And it's not just mean old liberals who consider her performance outrageous. Even long time supporters have turned against her.

"I helped put her in that office," Askew said, her blue eyes flashing. "And I can help take her out."

But all of that incompetence pales in comparison to her continued cheerleading for Bush's War on Sanity in Iraq. As the representative of a state where military families make up a large proportion of the electorate, Dole has been happy to vote to send her constituents to death in a war based on nothing but lies.

And now she's running again? Her first quarter fundraising was beyond anemic, despite the campaign's efforts to spin it into a success. Her reputation among here Senate colleagues is in the toilet for her miserable 2006 performance, and her campaign staff is completely delusional.

Mark Stephens, a campaign consultant working with the Dole campaign, said that the time Dole spent as NRSC chairwoman gave the people of North Carolina a seat at the congressional leadership table, which ultimately benefited the state. “I don’t think the voters in North Carolina care what partisan Democrats think,” Stephens said. “I’ll be the first to admit that the political environment is not that great, but Elizabeth Dole is seen outside that environment.”

Stephens is an idiot if he believes Dole's seat at some table has benefited North Carolina. Dole is a laughingstock to everyone outside her own inner circle. And for Stephens to opine that she is somehow "seen outside that environment" is absurd on its face. Mark Stephens needs to go to Spin School if he's going to have any hope of helping Dole salvage her sinking career.

Fortunately for anyone who cares about North Carolina, Dole may have met her match. Asked about Stephens' comments,

Brad Miller said he is “absolutely certain what Elizabeth Dole would say about (him) or any other Democrat, and that’s that I’m a liberal Democrat,” but he said he is not worried. Miller said he has been meeting with donors as he makes a decision about running for Senate. Should he decide to run, he would need to raise at least $10 million to remain competitive.

I have no worries at all about Congressman Miller's ability to raise ten million dollars. Because the truth is, Liddy Dole will do most of the fundraising for him. All she has to do is send Mark Stephens out to talk lie to the press about her oh-so-secure seat.

More to the point, Liddy Dole doesn't have a base of loyal supporters who will stand up and say they're proud of her. She has to pay people like Stephens to say nice things. She has pledged her heart and soul to George W. Bush, and he is going to take her down with him.

"I helped put her in that office," Askew said, her blue eyes flashing. "And I can help take her out."


When I talked to him at JJ

Someone else asked him if he was worried about the "Tax and Spend Liberal Democrat" label getting thrown at him. His response was, "they are going to say that no matter who runs"

Dole would probably spend every penny she has calling Easley a dirty liberal.

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What was surprising

is that there were people who actually voted for Vermin. He certainly outstrips Dole for forthright, pure-dee, up-front-and-all-the-way-through detestibility. That doesn't say anything good about those who supported him... we know what they are, simply because of their pick.

Dole is just another absentee slumlord, put in her senatorial slot to be a good li'l gal and rubberstamp whatever right-wing nonsense is set in front of her ("Don't worry your purty li'l haid about what is says, Miz Dole, just sign it..") It's likely that she has more than one brain cell, but I'm not sure the other one is in the same orbit.

"The most unamerican thing you can say is 'You can't say that'" - G. Keillor

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Outside of the political environment? When a person lives in DC for 40 years and is the POLITICAL head of her party's election efforts in the Senate can anyone be MORE involved in partisan politics?

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Salisbury State

Salisbury State in MD is just a couple hours away from DC. Maybe she got turned around and keeps going to visit "home" on the Eastern Shore.

Land of Lost Socks

A friend of mine at Drinking Liberally made these. I got her permission to share them (but not to reveal her secret identity).

Quite a contrast

Dole does nothing but send letters and vote against her own speeches.

Brad on the other hand? He uses his committee to help keep an eye on those who both spend public monies and affect public opinion.

Article from the New York Times

The subcommittee, citing the need to ensure the integrity of federally financed research, requested copies of Purdue’s findings in March. On Wednesday, Mr. Miller sent to Martin C. Jischke, Purdue’s president, a letter and an accompanying memorandum by the subcommittee’s staff that strongly criticized Purdue.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Liddy 44 Brad 33

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