Dem ground game is on fire

UCDP rally

It is crunch time folks. I don't know what your local Democratic Party is doing, but here in Union County we are knocking on doors, sending personal notes to voters, and calling potential voters at a pace that beats efforts made in past presidential election years. We know that our chances are slim with voter registration numbers looking the way they do, but we are fighting to push that needle just a little more in our favor.

We aren't the only county pulling out the stops. My Facebook feed has been full of photographs and updates from other county parties and activists. These are all activities outside the "big campaign" going on in the state.

This is one reason it surprised me a bit last week to read that Gene Nichols had ignored the tremendous efforts rank and file Democrats are making to get out the vote. In some counties, there is probably little organization outside of ForwardNC and the Hagan campaign. In other counties - like bright red Union County - we have put a plan into action to rival any that we have run in the past 8-10 years. Our efforts to bring inactive voters to the polls are paying off.

Wednesday night the UCDP held our GOTV rally. We had good attendance, raised a nice sum of money at our silent auction, heard from excellent Democratic candidates, and enjoyed a rousing speech from NCDP 1st Vice Chair Patsy Keever. Thursday we had almost 2500 people cast their votes in person. Not bad for our little county.

I will share more about our strategy closer to election day. Republicans have more people and more money here. I don't want to give anything away that might send them out to work any harder than they are. Let me just say, we are doing our part.

You see, we know what Gene Nichols apparently does not - if we wait around for our "leaders" to lead, we don't get anywhere. The power and leadership in the Democratic Party comes from those of us on the front line registering, educating, and getting voters to the polls. We carry the party, not our candidates or party leadership.

To my fellow Democrats - keep fighting - keep calling - keep knocking on doors - keep giving rides to the polls - don't let up for one minute. I know how hard you are all working. You can rest November 5.

To Gene Nichols - bless your heart, darlin'.



The wonderful Democrats pictured above

are all from Union County. They are Sharon Harrell, candidate for Board of Education, District 1; Kim Hargett, candidate for NC House District 55; Leslie Boyd, candidate for Board of Education, At-Large; Frank McGuirt, former Union County Sheriff / former state legislator; Mayor Frank Deese (Marshville, NC); and seated is former city councilman and a very respected member of the Union County community, Mr. P.E. Bazemore.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Orange is rockin' the vote!

Orange is rockin' the vote! Lots of early vote turnout!

We have very heavy Republican turnout

because our 100% Republican school board pissed all the mommies and daddies off and now they are all showing up at the polls to replace their Republicans with....Republicans. The infighting has been hilarious.

This may be bad news for our local Dem candidates. It is hard to say.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Person County feels kinda' like 2008 only with fewer volunteers

I hope it feels like 2008 after all the votes are counted but the gerrymander will make that very, very unlikely. I'll try to be pleased if it just feels a good bit better than 2010. I think it will.

I am stunned at the lack of volunteers

Many of our folks are doing double duty...canvassing for Hagan and then standing polls and making phone calls in one day. I know we are doing really well, but with more volunteers we could really be killing it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.