Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory has no idea who Tony Tata is

A remarkable glimpse into the fucked-up situation in Raleigh this week. Bruce Siceloff at the N&O reports that McCrory couldn't even pronounce the name of the guy he just named to head the Department of Transportation.

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory nominated Tony Tata as his transportation secretary Thursday but didn't know how to say his name. At the press conference, McCrory repeatedly pronounced it "TATT-ah" with a short-A syllable. Tata didn't flinch and didn't mention the mistake when he took the podium.

That's okay, Tony. McCrory truly has no idea who you are, and you were probably just as confused about him as well. Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory had nothing to do with choosing you for the job. Governor Pope should have made the introduction.

I know I'm breaking my own rule by linking to the N&O, but some stories just have to be told.


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How appropriate. The so-called governor names a shiny new secretary of transportation, one who is eminently unqualified for every job he's had since he left the military, but doesn't even know the guy's freaking name.

Does anyone with half a brain have any doubt about who's running the show in Raleigh?