DHHS screw-up roll-up weekend wound-up

For your weekend reading enjoyment. It's a very long list.


I forgot half of those

Which in itself is a testament to just how screwed up DHHS has become under the mis-direction of Aldona Wos.

Good job, Mark.

Same here

The lesson is this: If folks like us, who are paying close attention to politics, can't keep up with all the chaos, imagine what it's like for people are either purposely tuning out or otherwise oblivious.

Scary situation for democracy when there's this much crap to sort through.

Yeah, that crossed my mind

One of the (few) disadvantages to keeping our front page "fresh" with frequent observations about this or that issue is we end up with a huge archive of stories in our own database. Or our little patch in the Cloud, whatever that really is. ;)

I've no doubt that we've covered each of those stories Mark detailed in his piece, and we probably banged on some of them harder than anybody else. But aggregating them, even using well-placed tags, is a supreme bitch. Every time I try I end up with several hits on the same blog, while others don't show up at all. Of course, I am an idiot, which may contribute to my troubles...

Is this only within progressive circles?

Sometimes I read Progressive Pulse and forget that most of the people in North Carolina don't read it. I see articles and think that they're so great but know that what they are saying is only kept within progressive circles like here on blue and other places in the Internet. How is this "gaining steam"?

Here's yet another letter that didn't make the cut...

...at the good ole N&O. (I swear they've got a mouthful of Art Pope's teet).

January 14, 2014:

Recently on Bill Moyers & company, Francis De Luca, President of Civitas Institute, defended the elimination of voter pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, calling the successful legislation “the pedophilia enabling act”. Essentially, his justification for the repeal was that the state board of elections web site would be ripe for the picking for finding “a list of 16 year-olds and their home addresses”. He further asserted that an arrest would be made should someone request such a list from a school.

It is no surprise that there is no factual evidence supporting the comments made by the ranking mouthpiece of the so-called think-tank funded primarily by the John W. Pope Foundation. Which, in turn, is privately owned and financed predominately by Budget Director Art Pope and his family.

It is factual that DHHS violated federal privacy laws and left 49,000 children far more vulnerable when Medicaid cards with their personal information were sent to the wrong addresses. And instead of demanding their return, the recipients of those cards are entrusted to destroy them on their own. Aldona Wos's culpability and Pat McCrory's deflections notwithstanding, I wonder how De Luca reconciles this deplorable assault on our state's neediest children.


"Let's not be too rough on our own ignorance; it's what makes America great!" - Frank Zappa (6/29/1988)