DHHS Secretary "explains" state of the agency

If you missed Vos' presentation to the Joint Committee this morning (as I did), you can watch the video over the net here:

DHHS Secretary explains state of the agency

State Department of Health and Human Service Sec. Aldona Wos gives a presentation to the Joint Appropriations Committee on Health and Human Services on the state of the agency after a week of scrutiny.


I have been listening to the video online, and I have never seen a presentation like it in my days at the General Assembly. Overall impression: this woman is in way over her head.



She's smarter now than she was five days ago. Which means she now has the expertise of a slug instead of a tapeworm.


I edited your title to put "explain" in quotes because it's an insult to the word to associate it with the incoherent ramblings of this ass clown.

I heard that she is flaunting

I heard that she is flaunting her wealth at the office and bitching to people who are not even her employees that they need to dress better in her presence when fixing her computer. She also hired her own cleaning crew.

These people must eat a lot of waiter/waitress saliva as they wander through life.

She's a Bush Ranger

They don't breathe the same air that we do, much less wear the same clothes.