Diaz doesn't know where his raise is coming from

Either that or he isn't saying:

DHHS communications director Ricky Diaz cited a section of the state budget bill that said “state agencies, departments and institutions shall have salary administration flexibility for licensed physicians, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and other allied health professionals, and may exercise the flexibility within existing resources.”

However, Diaz declined to say where the money is coming from, how much is being dedicated to pay raises, which employees are being made eligible for the pay increases, the total amount of existing resources, which options are being considered to free up the resources and whether job cuts are part of the financing solution. He said the department is reviewing options and would provide that information when final decisions have been made.

The likely answer is, Diaz' $85,000 salary will result in the laying off of 2.5 people elsewhere in the Department, and he won't be the one who has to "communicate" that bad news to the soon-to-be jobless employees.


Most likely...

....he doesn't know where his office is either.

Sure he does.

It is the one with a nice view, a fine desk and shelves for his awards of recognition for his accomplishments, and momentos of his career. The walls are covered with the certificates from the institutions where he completed training in health administration and human services.

Oh, wait...