Dinner-Party Wos hands out more golden tickets

The contracts just keep getting juicier:

The firm Alvarez & Marsal is best known for being tapped in 2008 to manage the bankruptcy of financial giant Lehman Brothers at a cost of nearly a half-billion dollars. Critics of the financial bailout said that bill was too high.

The contract calls for work to be done by eight people with salaries ranging from $242 to $473 per hour and an “intern” earning $84 per hour. One of the consultants, a “director,” is slated for 2,040 hours of work for total earnings over the year of $803,760.

Republicans love to crow about how government should be run like a business, but you know what? If any private-sector manager had made as many mistakes as Aldona Wos, who now apparently feels the need to bring in blue-chip consultants to untangle her mess, that manager would have been fired a long time ago. The word "inept" doesn't even cover it. And like dog poop on the carpet, that ineptitude is transferring to both McCrory and the NCGA, who are responsible for her continued employment.