DNC to have event at Charlotte Motor Speedway

The DNC announced today that they will be having an event at Charlotte Motor Speedway:

In lieu of the convention opening on Monday, Sept. 3 -- Labor Day -- organizers plan to hold an event at the speedway to showcase not only the Charlotte region but the South.

I think it is great they plan on showcasing the South. As someone who has lived in the South just about all my life (96% of it) I love my region, my family has lived here since the 1600's mostly living in the Virginia Mtns. This convention will allow us to show that we are a very diverse region despite all the "reality" shows that seem to have sprung up in the last few years. But I will admit that I discovered through research on my family that I am my own 8th cousin. I like to say I have a family wreath instead of a family tree.

One of my pleasures in life is to correct my northern inlaws when they make broad generalizations about us down here below the Mason Dixon line. They just can't fathom that we have moved beyond Lil Abner and the Dukes of Hazzard and that I can be a NASCAR fan but also a flaming Liberal.

Yea, we have our share of problems down here but every region in the US has them. I tend to think that my poor northern family members are the most deprived: no sweet tea or grits.