Do you detect a pattern?

TN map

Is it just me, or does it seem the GOP has an agenda to weaken the political influence of large cities where people tend to vote Democrat? No, I'm not just talking about North Carolina.

Charter school bill passes first test in Nashville

A bill allowing charter school applicants to apply directly to the state passed its first hurdle in Nashville Tuesday, potentially setting up a way for the suburbs here to have charter schools outside the control of the Unified Shelby County School Board. The bill would allow charter school operators in Shelby and Davidson counties freedom to apply to the state to approve their charter applications instead of the local school board.


Rep. Joe Pitts, D-Chattanooga, challenged White on why the law should apply only to Memphis and Nashville. “That’s where the activity in charters is going on. We thought it best to start the discussion there,” White said.

Would that would be a discussion like the "negotiations" over Asheville's water supply or over Charlotte's airport?

I just spoke with a town clerk on the other end of the state. When I told her about the NC Senate and the House bills aimed at placing the Charlotte airport under state control, she gasped, "That's just not right."

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This is why politicians and political parties have no business drawing district maps. It should be based on population and conducted by an independent non-partisan panel. It has worked well in 12 states, in Iowa it is illegal for the panel to have access to incumbents addresses.

David Esmay