Do your damn job, Burr



Burr never disappoints

With the well-earned reputation as Laziest Senator in Washington, Burr consistently beats out the competition for who can spend the most time doing the least amount of work and have nothing to show for it. Such a freaking waste of space.

Thank god Burr has promised he's not running for Senate again. I'm already planning a party to celebrate the end of his miserable tenure. Then again, I won't be surprised if he changes his tune and decides he hasn't done enough damage yet.

We need a Committee to investigate

the Senate Intelligence Committee, at least as long as Dick Burr is running things.

Don't worry.

Don't worry your pretty little head. Bannon and Putin are on it.

Seriously, if I were Burr, I'd be worried about my health and well-being. Putin kills people who threaten him. Everyone knows that. And Bannon his inside man.

I'm not surprised that Burr's been treating Russia-gate with kid gloves. The guy's scared, just like he was during the financial meltdown.