Dole in Trouble, Looks for Help from Loser

From Under the Dome comes news of a shakeup in Dole Land.

In the ultimate "Friday Afternoon News Dump" Elizabeth Dole announced after 5pm today that her campaign will be under new management soon.

J. Sam Daniels, the campaign manager, has been shifted into the role of a top fund raiser, Rob Christensen reports. He will be replaced by Marty Ryall, who until recently ran the gubernatorial campaign of Bill Graham.

Those of you in the know probably remember Bill Graham. He is the "amazing candidate" who spent millions of his own money to force the legislature to force the gas tax, and followed that up by blaming the budget of Spanish, Latin, German and French teachers on illegal immigrants, trying to "fix the problem".

He followed that up by spending almost 2 million dollars on a failed run for Governor. In the process he hired a fellow well known to Patty McHenry by the name of Aaron Lay.

Now, the same guy that hired Aaron Lay and spent approximately $38 per vote is gonna save Elizabeth Dole from defeat?

In 2004 Richard Burr beat Erskine Bowles with almost 1.8 million votes. If Dole's new campaign manager learned a few lessons, and can cut his spending by 75% Liddy will only need about 40 million dollars to win reelection.

By way of contrast, Kay garnered just over 800,000 votes in the primary, at a cost of somewhere around 2 dollars per vote. I will take those odds.


Interesting Analysis

Where did you get the statistics for the amount of money spent by each candidate? I'd like to check that out.


Honestly, the numbers were a guess based on my memories of reporting.

I looked, since you asked, and the N&O reported that the Graham campaign had raised about 350,000 during the first quarter and that he had loaned himself 1.6 million.

As for Kay's numbers, that was a guess that she had spent about 1.5 million. Through the first three months of 08 she had taken in 1.5 million and spent 1.2 million. Even if she took in and spent 1 million during the last 6 weeks that would still be just $3 per vote instead of $2

Edit- Adding in links...
SBOE Reports for Graham
FEC Page for all Senate Candidates in NC

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Im not even sure that Hagan

Im not even sure that Hagan spent that much in the last 2-3 weeks. Not that i know how it works, but i'd assume most of her airtime was purchased by the time she released that report.

Thanks for the info though. Maybe we should get Duskin Lassiter's campaign manager out there. Seems to be about 1 cent per vote, and he used almost all of his funds. $14 on hand. That's fiscal management.

I think i read Perdue spent around $13 per vote. The Republicans in the Governor Race...

Graham - $31
Smith - $18
Orr - $8
McCrory - $5 (surprising, but he did have the name recognition)

$0.02 per vote

HAH! I spent less than 2 cents per vote last time I ran for re-election.

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Cheapest by far

Doug Clark pointed out that the top Republican vote-getter on May 6 was . . . Jewel Ann Farlow, who is running for the Court of Appeals, with over 600,000 votes. She has indicated to the SBOE that she will not raise or spend more than $3k. I can't even do that math. Presumably she pulled Democratic women to vote for her, notwithstanding that Judge Jim Wynn , against whom she is running, is universally regarded as a terrific judge.

It was actually the ten bucks she spent

having her name changed from "Gertrude" to "Jewel" that brought in most of the 600,000 votes. The rest she spent was for gas and donuts.

I just made that up. I'm sorry. ;)


Oh man! That would be a trip*. Especially since BobDole® is a spokesman for Pepsi.

*Hopefully a trip back to Kansas.

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