A Dollar is a Start

State Treasurer (and likely gubernatorial candidate) Richard Moore is calling for a $1 increase in North Carolina's minimum wage. (A little quick math: $5.15 x 40hours = $206 a week; throw in a little vacation and that's $10,300 a year; does anyone really think that's enough to live on, much less raise a family on?)

Moore made the call at a meeting of the North Carolina Citizens for Business and Industry, a pro-business lobbying group that styles itself the state chamber of commerce. What's the word for that: chutzpah? meshuggener? Or is Moore's read of the land that NC businesses are ready to support a modest minimum wage increase? Stay tuned...




Good for Richard Moore

This is a modest proposal, but it's a darn good start. I am undecided about who will make the best candidate for us in '08, but Richard Moore has scored points with me.

Scored with me too

I like Bev P., but Richard's a very good guy. And this proposal definitely moves things in the right direction . . . if only a little. He could win my support if he keeps pushing progressive initiatives like this.

How about a bidding war

between our candidates. do I hear $7.15?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


You're worth WAY more than that, I'm sure!


Uh, Nevermind

[EDIT: fixed the link in the last comment] The Talking post was there in my RSS reader, but doesn't seem to be on the site. In case that doesn't change, here's the summary: candidates will soon report how much they've raised, and the rumor is that Moore is on top big time. Grabbing some headlines in advance of the announcement with a populist appeal seemed to the author to be a smart thing.

Fundraising and State Paid Television Ads

There was a ruckus earlier about the fact that Moore was initiating a statewide ad buy for "lost money" that is being held by the treasury. Many were concerned that he was using the ads to promote his name and not the treasury program, much like Cooper promotes himself through the anit-meth ads. I had a blog about it on the old site, but it did not make the move with us.

For Raleigh's Treasurer and AG

I think the sentiment is "why take the job if you can't use it to run for Governor?"