Don't privatize the Commerce Department. Kill it.

Reposted in light of McCrory's plan to give out even more corporate welfare

Governor Pope's Commerce Secretary, Sharon Decker, this week said she is considering a recommendation to privatize her department. By "privatize," of course, she means "divert taxpayer dollars to enrich private companies and their shareholders."

That's what she told Catherine Carlock of The Business Journal, a sister publication of Triangle Business Journal that serves the Triad region of North Carolina. Decker said she is considering turning the Commerce Department into a private marketing and sales organization and raised the possibility of regional economic development groups going by the wayside.

Obviously, Decker is the not true believer she pretends to be. A true believer wouldn't just want to privatize the department, she'd want to eliminate it altogether. Because if the free market sees the need for a private marketing and sales organization for economic development in North Carolina, well, let the free market create one and figure out a way to fund it from private money. Otherwise, Decker's plan is nothing but more misguided corporate welfare.


Ms. Decker

It's clear you don't have the backbone to put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, you'd close the department down and let the markets step in and watch what happens.

If even you don't believe your own bullshit, the least you can do is STFU.

Your friend in business,



Privatize Commerce?

Ms Decker Dress Uniform For The Private Commerce Department

No doubt it will be the classic #SS Dress Black Socialist Fascism Uniform with a 18 Wheeler Panzer M-1 Abrams Battle Tank racing with lighting speed toward Furher Pope Bunker with these Words painted on the side " Trucking for Good Little Nazi's"

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This isn't about making the

This isn't about making the Commerce Department more efficient or do a better job for taxpayers.

Remember - Art Pope has strong connections to the Koch brothers and other big players involved in Americans for Prosperity. Privatizing the agency is a great way to send specific tax incentives their way.

Would you like to have a Koch Industries toilet paper processing plant in your neighborhood, along with a hefty package of tax incentives to the Koch's for putting it there and the privatized Commerce Department helping clear away any pesky environmental or pollution regulations? Well, that's what you're getting if they have their way.