Duke Energy's stubborn refusal to deal with NC's coal ash problem

Why do today what you can put off indefinitely:

“It's really a very simple notion,” said Frank Holleman, an attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center, which is now suing Duke Energy over coal ash disposal. “It's not cutting edge technology; it's just basic common sense.”

Environmental groups like the Catawba Riverkeeper are suing Duke Energy to prompt the utility to get moving and clean up the remaining coal ash. But Duke is in no hurry. “We don't act hastily,” said Duke spokeswoman Lisa Hoffmann. “We base all our decisions on science and engineering; that's the kind of business we run.”

Of course they're in no hurry. They've bought and paid for the Governor's mansion, 3/4 of the Legislature and most of the NC Utilities Commission, and they've been able to get a bumbling idiot installed at DENR. Why go to the trouble and expense of stacking the deck if you're still going to have to pay for all those pesky cleanup jobs? The only "science" Duke Energy engages in is political science.


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