Earth Day 2017: March For Science



Eye candy:

Oh, you thought it was going to be a picture of me, maybe posing in my sexy shorts and hiking boots...


Forgot to mention, this is the Brumley Forest Nature Preserve North of Chapel Hill, grand opening was today. Go soon, because along with various wetlands comes humidity/mugginess. It wasn't even 80 degrees today, and it was sweaty. I can't imagine what 95 degrees will be like...

Beaver dam:

Aquatic avians:


Thanks, Jake. We really need an Earth Week (or month). That Winston-Salem thing was on my list of things to do yesterday, but the Nature Preserve won out. And after hiking (only) about three miles, I was ready for the shower and couch.

That seems to be happening more often these days, where you go for weeks with nothing, and then several events are scheduled for the same day, 50-60 miles apart. Bummer. :(

How many will show for the Climate Justice March on Sat?

The Science March did pretty well. I wonder if we'll see that kind of turn out for the Climate Justice March in DC too?

I'm thinking about hitting up the Greensboro march on Saturday. Of all the sister marches in NC, it looks like it'll be the biggest: