Easter weekend open thread


Speaking of making an offer

Here's an amusing video of Pat and his friends playing pretend auction.

Working hard for the citizens of North Carolina in his own incompetent buffoon way.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Exhausting drive

...but I'm so happy my baby girl is home. We turn around and go back on Sunday, but it is worth having her home even if it is just for a couple of days. We talked the entire five hour drive home.

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Raleigh in the middle

That is a pretty long drive, but it does give you several hours (part of the trip, anyway) to catch up on stuff. I love car trips with my kids, but they don't happen very often anymore.

Yes it does give time to catch up

At one point we were so engrossed in conversation that I missed my exit!

I promise I was paying attention to the road...just not to the exit number...... :)

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A state retiree comments on a Thomas Mills blogpost

Pretty much says it all

Amen, Thomas Mills! While one could provide an additional litany of NCGOP failures, but they would only underscore the essence of your points. What I will add is the sad effect the post-2010 GOP takeover has had on the best, brightest and most dedicated of staff in state agencies, and thus, by extension, on the effectiveness of those agencies.

I retired from state employ in January 2013. I had many contacts and working relationships with personnel in such agencies as DENR, DHHS and the Department of Cultural Resources. As I happen to meet / see them nowadays, in quiet asides, they lament the exodus of key and talented staff (without adequate state funds or approved job lines to refill those positions); their strapped operating budgets; very low staff morale; and how careful they must now be in what they say, do, propose, oppose, or encourage in work settings, lest they risk losing their jobs. They view the leaders of their agencies, as appointed by McCrory, as unqualified politicos more driven by ideology than the noble missions of their agencies.

These staff seem well aware of, and more depressed by, the reality that any positive change in their agencies’ lot could be many years away, given the 2013 tax code changes resulting in diminished state revenues and consequent spartan state budgets for years to come.


I love this!

It is wonderful

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Just got home from urgent care

Emily has pneumonia. She thought she just had bad allergy congestion and a cough and went to student health services on Tuesday after the pain started in her side. They didn't do anything for her. By Thursday she was in more pain and we thought maybe she was sore from coughing. This morning it got a lot worse. She's resting. They gave her a breathing treatment and some steroids that have really helped. Thank goodness for good insurance...I just wish I could figure out why my kids only get sick on weekends!

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Sorry to hear this

Hopefully she'll snap back pretty quickly. Upper respiratory infections really suck. Breathing easily is one of those things we take for granted until each breath is a struggle. Tell Emily we're thinking about her.

I will do that

Thank you. We picked up all three prescriptions, so she's good to go.

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It is going to be interesting to see returns

in the GOP Senate primary.... Tillis and Brannon have dueling campaign signs all over 74....until Anson County. The further east we drove the fewer signs we saw. I wonder if east and west are getting ignored.

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Finally back home

Found an unopened bottle of wine on the counter. :) It didn't stay unopened for very long.

Deadlines looming...so best get busy.

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