Eating their own: NC Republicans squabble over residency

One of the drawbacks to being wealthy enough to own multiples homes:

Justin LaNasa, a Wilmington business owner and former GOP candidate for various city and county offices, filed an official challenge to Gott's voter registration, citing laws that requires voters to cast ballots in the jurisdiction in which they maintain a permanent home. His challenge set in motion a legal process that ended with Tuesday's hearing.

Apparently this is one of those, "If I can't do it, nobody can!" thingies:

LaNasa also moved into House District 19 recently, but the N.C. Constitution requires that state legislative candidates live in the districts they intend to run in for at least a year before the General Election.

LaNasa said he disagrees with that rule. He said he’s owned the House in the Monkey Junction area of District 19 for about a decade and believes he should be able to run for office there.

Apparently that, "should be able to" only applies to himself, and anybody else who tries it should be chastised by the community:

"A bunch of people from the community were behind me and my challenge," he said. "I believe she did the right thing and hopefully there's no little lawyer tricks involved where it comes back."

Little lawyer tricks that you weren't smart enough to discover on your own, you mean.