An effort to counter denier falsehoods .. and you get to play!! (I hope)

I'll keep this short. I found an excellent article on RealClearPolitics from the L.A. Times today concerning global warming. It contains numerous links to back up its clearly stated assertions. Some salient quotes:

.... from the dawn of human civilization until the 19th century, the concentration was about 275 parts per million, and that many scientists believe 350 parts per million is a sort of tipping point: Irreversible impacts and feedback loops start to kick in.

... as of January, the Earth's atmosphere contained 393 parts per million of carbon dioxide. And rising.

A May 2011 Yale University study found that 64% of Americans believed global warming was happening, down from 71% in November 2008; and when respondents were asked what proportion of climate scientists believe in the phenomenon, the plurality said it was between 41% and 60%. The real number would be closer to 97%


So I am asking you, good readers, to link to this article on your blog sites, your facebook pages, and to send it to friends and family members. Broadcast it as widely as possible. This very succinct message must get out; there's too much at stake.

Thank you.


and if you want to follow it up with another link ...

new battery technology that could have us in electric cars that cost $20k and get 300 miles a charge. It's already been tested. Read about it here.

I look forward to the day when we can tell the oil industry to stuff it.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?