Elizabeth Dole: "Our Love of God" is at stake in this election

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole has joined Robin Hayes and Virigina Fox in running a divisive campaign intended to pit neighbor against neighbor here in North Carolina. According to Dole it isn't just her seat in the Senate that is at stake. She told supporters in Nash County on Sunday that,

It’s not just to save this seat; we are trying to save the values that we care about in America. We’re trying to save honesty and integrity and hard work and personal responsibility and love of family and love of God. That’s what this is all about, and it’s a serious time.

That's right. According to Elizabeth Dole if Democrats win there will be no more honesty or integrity in this country. Nobody will work hard ever again and we won't take responsibility for our actions. Finally, if Democrats win there will be no more loving our families and loving God is most certainly out of the question.

Elizabeth Dole, that genteel southern belle, is spreading a message of hate and fear. Like Robin Hayes and Virginia Fox, Dole too will fail. Days after Hayes was caught lying about his statement about liberals hating real Americans which was made in front of a crowd of thousands, he gave Elizabeth Dole a check for $1,300. He might have done her a bigger favor if he had tipped her off to the fact that making comments intended to feed on fear and hate aren't working as well as they used to. Hayes might have given Dole $1,300 but his hateful comments put over $80,000 in Larry Kissell's campaign coffers.

Folks here in North Carolina are getting tired of the hate. I don't know anyone who actually believes that those who now love God and love their families will suddenly decide to stop. Oh, I know. That whole love of God statement was code intended to feed on this "Obama is a Muslem" meme running rampant through Republican ranks. The "love of family" part was code intended to feed on anti-gay marriage sentiment found on all sides of the political spectrum here in North Carolina.

The words are all code intended to excite the basest fears of the Republican base in this state. They are words intended to feed on fear, anger and hate. Dole is banking on the fact that these emotions, if stoked properly, will turn out voters.


Kay Hagan is an Elder in her church. She teaches Sunday School. The Hagan family lives in North Carolina and the Hagan kids were raised here. Kay and her husband Chip have taught their children the value of doing good works in the community. On Christmas mornings, the Hagan family goes to the Bell House, a residential facility for adults with severe disabilities and they cook breakfast for the residents and staff.

If you don't want to take my word for it, take the word of her long-time minister, the Reverend Joe Mullin. Click here to listen.

Does this sound like a woman who doesn't love her family? Does this sound like a woman who will promote hatred and fear? Does this sound like a woman who as Senator would encourage people to stop believing in or loving God?

Enough of pitting neighbor against neighbor, Elizabeth Dole!
Enough of the phony fear, Elizabeth Dole!
Enough of the lies about Kay Hagan, Elizabeth Dole!

Enough of Elizabeth Dole.

Give to Kay Hagan.
Volunteer for Kay Hagan.
Vote for Kay Hagan.


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Must head downtown to get a couple of phone banks up and running.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Hopefully the N&O will print it....


This past Sunday, Elizabeth Dole told supporters in Nash County "we’re trying to save honesty and integrity and hard work and personal responsibility and love of family and love of God." What an awful, awful statement. That statement declares that we MUST vote for her, or we are godless heathens who hate hard work and our families.

I work hard, and I contribute what I can to society - I gladly pay my taxes, I obey the law, and I just try to be a decent human being. I even love and respect my family. But Elizabeth Dole believes that if I don't vote for her, all that is thrown out the window, and I am less than dirt.

For all the good she may have done in the past (sadly, very little in the past 6 years), I simply cannot respect (nor vote for) a person who so easily disregards me and my values simply because I believe somebody else may be more qualified than her. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with the disappointment that is Elizabeth Dole.

Republican dodge. When in doubt, invoke

God, whom they seem to think is partisan enough to stop doing important things and make sure the masses vote Republican.

Senseless yet ignorant at the same time...

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Dole the butthead

Elizabeth Dole - butthead extraordinaire.

Go to: www.buttheadpolice.com

Vote for extreme buttheads like Dole (ie) Palin - to get an ass stamped on their heads. Spread the word!! Buttheads will roll!!

She doesn't just talk in code

"The "love of family" part was code intended to feed on anti-gay marriage sentiment"

She talks about "Goddless Americans" & the "Radical Homosexual Agenda" and has this sort of stuff going around to try to hate-monger her way into a few more votes.

I had supported Kay Hagan, but I didn't donate to her campaign until I saw that.

Thanks, Betsy

As you know, I spent a lot of time perusing Kay's record in the Senate. Which contributed (a lot) to my relatively quick conversion to becoming a Hagan supporter after the Primary. One of the things I gleaned from that study was a total lack of any "exclusive" language or behavior by Kay. She doesn't appear to harbor favor or disfavor for any group or classification of people.

To me, that's really important, because it's strong evidence of a true belief in equality as opposed to situational pandering or posturing. In comparison, Liddy Dole has shown time and again that she makes value judgments about people she's never met, and then she acts on those judgments, often in ways that hurt people for no good reason.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Kay will represent all of the people in our state, instead of sacrificing the many for the few.

You hit the nail on the head, Betsy!

Wow -- you are SO right about Kay (and Liddy). I went to church with Kay when I lived in Greensboro and I could only aspire to her attendance and participation. Dole on the other hand...is she a Sunday School teacher or volunteer in the nursery at her hometown church in Salisbury? Sunday morning greeter? Visitor to the shut-ins? I'm guessing no. I'm also guessing that she doesn't have much, if any, church attendance record in North Carolina. I used to work for ED in the Regan Administration -- for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with religion, she should NOT be representing North Carolina in the US Senate!

Let's face it, if honesty, integrity, hard work, or personal

responsibility, any or all, came up and bit Elizabeth Dole on the behind, she wouldn't recognize any. Her record clearly demonstrates she doesn't care a whit about anything but her own personal well-being and the celebrity provided by high office.

It's AMAZING that many of the people who will fall for this garbage are the very people who have so much to lose by voting for her...and who Dole, even wearing latex gloves, wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole...because they are beneath her.

Stan Bozarth

Carter Wrenn cries FOUL on Liddy Dole

with permission, I'm posting Carter Wrenn's most recent contribution to www.talkingaboutpolitics.com, which he entitled "Liddy's Gambit."

Does Kay Hagan believe in God?

To put it bluntly, in her new ad Senator Dole answers that question – No.

Dole’s case goes like this: Something in Boston called the Godless Americans PAC held a fundraiser for Hagan. They – very clearly and outspokenly – do not believe in God. And the first twenty-five seconds of Dole’s new TV ad tells that story. How an atheist group raised money for Hagan.

Then, the announcer, speaking for Dole’s campaign, asks, What did Kay Hagan promise in exchange for the fundraiser, and a female voice, which a lot of people are going to take for Kay Hagan’s voice, answers, “There is no God.”

And, right there, Dole’s ad crosses the line. Unless, of course, Mrs. Hagan is an atheist.

What does this mean politically?

Ads that go too far backfire. And how much Dole’s ad backfires depends on one thing: Kay Hagan.

There sometimes comes a moment of truth in a campaign.

If Kay Hagan does an ad, puts it on TV, looks Elizabeth Dole in the eye and says, Elizabeth, that’s not my voice, I never said that, your ad’s false – Dole’s ad backfires.

Here’s a worse scenario: What if Jim Hunt makes that ad? What if former Governor Jim Hunt looks into the camera and says, I’ve known Kay Hagan ten years; she’s an elder in her church and a Sunday school teacher, and Elizabeth Dole, your ad crosses the line of decency and fair play. You owe Kay Hagan an apology.

My guess is the next sound you may hear will be the roof falling in on Liddy Dole.

I agree for once. A part of an email I just sent.

If I were Hagan I would put out a commercial that showed a couple seconds of the ad with Hagan's face and "There is no God." Then I'd stare at the camera and say something like "That wasn't my voice my you heard, that isn't my opinion you heard. But, Elizabeth Dole doesn't care about the truth, she only cares about winning. I teach Sunday school and I'm a church elder and I don't recall anywhere in this book (hold up bible) where it says it's okay to lie, just to get what you want. Shame on Elizabeth Dole, shame."

Hagan needs to crush Elizabeth Dole over this abomination. This disgusting and horrid lie that goes against EVERYTHING that Christianity stands for, she needs to crush her.

"You could say, 'Look, is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?' Most of us have never heard of him before." John McCain, following Clinton's strikes on al Qaeda camps

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

You would be surprised

I think a lot of people would, but I think what some might see as a "mellowing" of Carter Wrenn is primarily the difference between donning the warrior's garb out on the field of battle as opposed to sleeping late, then sipping hot tea in your bathrobe mulling over the paper that your dog just brought you. That is (if I haven't lost you with that image), his role has changed.

Did you see the documentary that our local public station produced about Jesse Helms? It was pretty good. Those who saw it might recall that in a couple of places Carter acknowledged the racism that he and Helms exploited during Helms' campaigns -- and even voiced what sounded to me like regret.

Both he and Gary Pearce bring their considerable experience to the blog, but their comments are less about waging war than they are observing the battle from afar and commenting on strategy. Both are still committed to their respective parties, I believe, but their collaboration on this blog is a helpful reminder to those of us still slugging it out on the battle field that people *can* disagree agreeably.

Helms Doc

I saw part of the doc, while traveling and in a hotel room. Definitely want to see it again.


"Only the most deluded of us could doubt the necessity of this war." - John McCain