Ellmers packing heat, Myrick thinking about it

Do you feel lucky today, Punk? Well, do ya?

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers, a freshman Republican from Dunn, has had a concealed carry permit since February, according to Harnett County records.

"I have one. And I'll be carrying," she said recently when asked.

Since February? So, did she start carrying because she was worried about some of her Tea Party supporters, or did she do it to impress them?


Was it a typo that skippeds mention of Heath Shuler?

It must have been a typo in the posting that kept Heath Shuler's name from this post. Shuler also said he was going to start carrying his handgun.

I'm sure his name was not left out intentionally.

Mike Wilburt

That'll show em

I can't wait for the first mishap from these yahoos carrying guns. What will it be? Will they shoot themselves or someone else -- most likely an unaware, innocent bystander. Ellmers is rapidly making a run at the Queen of Crazy in NC.


Yes, it was intentional

Heath's recent gunpacking story has already been covered here, as was this not so recent story.

Tell you what, Mike. When you warn any future Republican clients that whenever you attack Democrats you'll be ethically required to also mention Republicans that have engaged in the same behavior, then we'll talk about my skewed partisan reporting. We got a deal?