Ellmers takes hypocritic oath

Taxpayer-subsidized healthcare is Socialism necessary if you want to avoid bankruptcy:

“Unfortunately, being here in Washington is very expensive,” said Ellmers. “Yes we do have a salary and we do have benefits. It costs a lot of money to be here. I've signed on to the private plan, just like so many in America are on. The benefit is available to me. People need to understand out there it costs a lot money to be here in Congress.”

Yeah, I'm sure getting by on a salary of $12,250 a month is tough...


Poor Baby!

Maybe she can get a part time job at Taco Bell to make ends meet! Wait a minute! Isn't her husband a rich Doctor?

We're not like those little people out there

This disease infects so many, not just Marie Antionette Ellmers:

People need to understand out there it costs a lot money to be here in Congress.l

I couldn't have written a more succinct embodiment of entitlement by the wealthy and class warfare upon the poor if I tried.

Let them eat cake!


Heh :)

"But I have to have a limo and a driver! People out there need to understand how dangerous the traffic is up here, not to mention the parking!"


You know, I hear there's room

at the C Street house these days. Maybe they'd let her stay if she would do the dishes and make the beds.

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