Ellmers' Tea Party credentials in question

Just goes to show how extremists have reshaped the North Carolina GOP.

The fallout from a rather heated meeting in Pinehurst between local Tea Party leaders and Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has local activists ready to organize a district-wide revolt against Ellmers in the upcoming GOP primary.

Funny stuff.

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No kidding, even better example

You gotta love the Teabaggers who put Ellmers in office now that they're realizing there is no such thing as a "limited government" anti-establishment WingNut and Ellmers is just like all the rest of the GOPers -- trying to figure out how to eat as much, and as fast, as she can from the public trough before they get wise and she gets kicked to the curb.

They're shocked that Ellmers is just another greedy corporatist doing the bidding of the GOP leadership while trying to get as rich as she can off the taxpayers. She sold them a bill of goods in 2010 and got elected simply because of two well-timed TV commercials that had NOTHING to do with actual issues and were designed specifically to play to the Teabaggers' hatred of anyone non-Christian (the Muslim Victory Church Ad) and their willingness to believe anything about their opponents (the ambush of Bob Etheridge by two GOP operatives posing as "innocent students").

She punked the entire group of them but since they were already used to being low-information (i.e. no-fact) voters, they're just now figuring it out.

Here's an even better recap of an Ellmers event in her newly re-drawn district, which was drawn specifically by the leadership to protect her because they know she is a typical run-of-the-mill corporate, big-government tool of the GOP leadership. She really doesn't understand any of the issues but she sure knows how to play the old game of using the GOP base's ignorance and bigotry against them in order to win elections.

I can't wait to see if they chew each other to bits on May 8 and whether the rest of the district wakes up before November.


As someone who has tried to

As someone who has tried to actually communicate with Ellmers at a public meeting I can understand the baggers frustration with her. Her people try to control the environment very tightly and she doesn't interact easily with us common folk. But of course she knew she would be facing those opposed to her then. It's awfully funny and ironic that she has as much trouble with a group that is suppose to be her base.

But regarding the redrawing of the 2nd congressional district to benefit Ellmers a couple of things to note. David Lewis was in charge of creating the new districts and according to my GOP friends there is no love loss between the two. While I'm sure they drew the 2nd to make sure it leaned heavily Republican, I don't think Lewis was looking to make things easy for Ellmers. After all much of the new district wasn't a part of the old 2nd. Lots of them don't know Ellmers, and while very conservative have no loyalty to her. It's very possible that Ellmers loses the primary and like many other GOPers from the area (anyone remember Dan Page?)fades away as quickly as she appeared. We can only hope.

There are two Democrats running for the 2nd, either of which will have a tough fight to overcome the GOP advantage. But if there is no incumbent it is possible. Wilkins from Moore County appears to me to have the best shot.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

A tofu alternative to red meat for yellow dogs

While this gives us all sheets and giggles...

“She was combative. She was getting in people’s faces and telling them they don’t have a clue, and that they needed to get one. She was telling them they needed to stop complaining and read some bills."

...We should rather double down and learn our own lessons. The Tea Party literally achieved every naive thing they wanted and more in their directionless ambition to do nothing more than replace, retire and "take our government back."

Sounds a lot like some recently disenfranchised Obama voters that still refuse to 'get a clue,' at least as poor Renee would say to her own supporters.

Governance is hard. Moderates, lefty's and generally sane members of this century (should) know that, otherwise we'd be in the One-Trick Pony Party now feeling the sting of their literally pointless enthusiasm.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither does change come. The fantasy is fun, but the reality is compromise and hard work. Please learn the lessons the Tea Party refuse to, and quit cannibalizing our own.

The good news is Obama already won, but not for why you think. Appreciate America and it's diversity. We did NOT in Gore v Bush and lost through sheer acrimony and our admittedly deserved 'holier than thouness.' Guess, what? It didn't work for us, and won't for Mitt. The Republicans are now doing the same thing with Mitt (think Al Gore without the personality) we did against incumbent Bush. Let them.

Gore lost because of us. You can't be anti-incumbent to the extreme you're an absentee supporter of the challenger. Romney has nothing, thus his supporters hate Obama. Do civilization a one better, evolve and support Obama. Romney does not deserve your derision. Indy's and Moderate like ideas, vision, the future, etc. They actually hate snark and hate ESPECIALLY when you're right.

This has been a message from an independent that weighed all options, agrees Obama is a better choice for me and my family and is respectfully asking your community to not screw it up for me. Thank you.

You kind of lost me there.

You kind of lost me there. My eyes glassed over about a third of the way through. There are two legitimate Democratic candidates in the 2nd district, including a retired veteran from Moore County that might have the potential to peel away some R voters. That's what needs to be the focus.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Stupid Tea Party

They will be having their rally in downtown Southern Pines this afternoon. Hooray!

Whereas most of the various tea party people in other places have been "smart" enough to stay away from social issues, our Moore County TP'ers show their true colors wherever possible, including their blogs, facebook, and columns in the local paper. They are not afraid of showing themselves as theocrats in tri corner hats.

As more and more people see that the bulk of tea partiers are are not the libertarians they pretend to be, outright disdain for the movement will continue to grow.

Tarheel Taliban

NC Tea Partiers have always been socially driven, and they do indeed have theocracy as their goal. There's no other way to explain their agenda here in the Old North State.

That's why McCrory has had to sell out. Well, he didn't have to. He chose to. Big difference.

The more I see of McCrory the more like Romney he seems. A glib opportunist with more money than sense.