Email from Elizabeth Cunningham (Cal's wife)

Just received an email from the Cal Cunningham campaign. This is a personal note from Cal's wife:

Dear Friend,

I've been married to Cal for nine years, and I know he's in this race for all the right reasons.

About 9.4 million of them, in fact, because he's in this race to fight for each and every North Carolinian. He's in it to take on the powerful interests that obstruct progress. He's in it to bring people together and build a stronger, more prosperous future for our state.

Simply put, Cal's in this race to take your voice to Washington and to stand up for your values.

So let your voice be heard, and share your priorities for North Carolina's future.

In the coming weeks, Cal will detail specific plans and proposals to create jobs, promote innovation, reform trade, strengthen our schools, restore sanity to the federal budget, invest in the green economy, and put America back to work.

These detailed plans will reflect the ideas, concerns, and aspirations of the North Carolinians he's met while growing up and living in our state and while listening carefully during this campaign.

But before Cal starts rolling out proposals, he wants to hear about what's on your mind too -- to make sure that he is speaking for you. After all, this campaign will only succeed -- and Cal's work in Washington will only matter -- if it tackles the real issues North Carolina families face every day.

Please share your thoughts today, so that Cal can take your voice to Washington.

I couldn't be prouder of Cal's record as a fighter for the people and causes he believes in. In the State Senate, he fought for strong schools, clean air, job training, and government reform. In Iraq, he fought contractor crimes and fraud that harmed the mission and wasted taxpayer funds.

Now he's ready to fight just as hard for North Carolina families in our nation's capital. That means he needs to hear from you.

Thank you so much for giving your input.


Elizabeth Cunningham

P.S. As Cal details his plans for North Carolina's future over the coming weeks, he needs to hear from as many voters as possible. So once you've shared your priorities, please forward this email to your friends and family!


not very personal

Can't be that personal - got sent to 6 of my email accounts. Including

Checked with some tech Dem friends - same there.

I wonder where Cal's campaign got all those email addresses, particularly on the very first day he announced that he got permission to run...

I would suspect his consultants

I wonder where Cal's campaign got all those email addresses, particularly on the very first day he announced that he got permission to run...

Consultants that start with N, end in S and have an X in the middle.


Here come the "zingers"

got permission to run...

I'd be upset at that little quote if it wasn't just so damn cute :)

Hey, If Elaine wins the primary, hopefully she will get that email list from Cal as she will need as much exposure as she can get to get her message out there and to hopefully get some donations. But, then, she may already have the list.

Yeow Jerimee

Boy I sure miss seeing you here

Damn if you do, damn if you do not

How many times have I heard and read people say: "we need more politicians that go out to the voters and get their input so as to get the pulse of the electorate"?

Guess it is a damn if you do, damn if you do not issue. If you do not go out there and ask questions and discuss issues with the voters and so forth, you get banged for assuming what people feel and want. If you do go out there and LISTEN and show that you care about people's concerns and beliefs, you are not smart enough to know that in the first place.

Go figure.

I'd like to take this time

to reiterate a BlueNC recommendation put forward during the last ugly Primary season:

If you are actively working on a specific candidate's campaign, let the reader's here know early and often. If you are actually being paid for said work, put something in your sig line to that effect.

That statement was rendered free of charge. If I have to repeat it in the future, it will come with a cost.

For me, I am just wanting the best candidate

Good post, Steve. For me, as I have said here, I am just a Cal kind of guy. Only "pay" that I have offered up is FROM me, not TO me. And, I think most here that have chosen a candidate in this race are like me.

I agree, if someone that posts here is a person that is being paid to work within any candidate's campaign, they should acknowledge that.

I am just looking for the candidate that can run Burr out of office. I have relatives that live in Arizona and they come here to visit more than Burr does. I know, I know, with what has just happened in Mass., we're faced with a dilemna in NC. But, it is not a dilemna that we cannot overcome. Good, solid campaigning and presenting the truth about no-show Burr can go a long way to help our cause.

I haven't chosen yet,

but (in the interest of following my own recommendation) I am leaning heavily towards Cal right now.

It's mostly an Army thing (I don't want him to Article 15 my ass for dereliction of duty), but you gotta start somewhere.

That is just a misdemeanor, isn't it?

I think I have read that an Article 15 in the UCMJ is considered a misdemeanor. So, even if our man Cal does not come out on top, we can STILL fully support Elaine Marshall.

I have now invested in Cal's campaign ($) and contacted them, soooooooo, well, he's my man.

I will not take ANYTHING away from Elaine Marshall, however.

It still hoits

Half a month's pay for two months and the loss of a stripe can be painful. :O

All joking aside, whoever emerges as our candidate will get whatever support I can render.