Employment numbers under GOP management

The first entry in our loss/win column:

"The two estimates in terms of how many people are going to lose their jobs as a result of this budget, the low figure is about 18,000 and the high figure is about 30,000 depending on who you believe," said Coble.

What's interesting about this is, even if the Republicans' wonky numbers come true, there will still be a net loss of 6,000 jobs in the cut-public-to-spur-private jobs formula. Which doesn't matter to them, because cutting government jobs is (automatically) a win in their book of lies. On to our second entry:

Facing a fast-changing media landscape, Time Warner Cable is building a new data center in Charlotte that aims to provide better, faster service for an array of electronic gadgets.

The telecommunications giant said Monday that the expansion of its corporate campus off Arrowood Road will bring 225 new jobs to the city. The project also includes an additional office building.

For those who handle homey analogies better than straight-up math, that's like fifty steps backwards and one step forward. And I'm not even going to get into the whole power-munching data center aspect. Okay, I guess I did get into it there, but what're you gonna do.


In the long run,

no business will want to locate/relocate here, because our workforce will only be proficient in skills like singing all the verses to "Jesus Loves Me", our roads will deteriorate back to gravel, fresh water will have to be imported (from Jersey, no less), the one remaining fish species that's still edible will be eaten by all the toxic fish (they're not stupid), and today's courtrooms will be tomorrow's museums, where children cock their head when the strange word "justice" is mentioned.

Variety Wholesalers

VW (Roses, Maxway, Dollar Store) has a huge interest in seeing North Carolina devolve into just the world you describe. I've long said that creating a "stupid, ignorant and poor North Carolina" is the foundation of Art Pope's business model. The higher the poverty rate, the higher his revenues.

People wonder why I describe his business as a bottom feeder. Now you know.