Episcopal bishop offering a prayer at inaugeral event for Obama

Gene Robinson, a gay Episcopal Bishop, will be giving an inaugeral prayer at the Lincoln Memorial as part of the Obama inaugeration. I'm probably not going to be popular here for saying this, I'm sure, but besides a token prayer given at the actual inaugeration...why is this going on? I know that Obama & Co. has received a lot of heat from his lib/dem supporters for having a person from the christian right giving a prayer at his inaugeration...but, we agnostics wonder why it's also necessary to somehow validate the significance of this event religiously any further.

Obama seems to be crumbling under the political pressure of the gay community. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm no gay-basher...rather, I agree with the gay community when considering their rights and such (not all, mind ya). But, to me, this isn't a gay issue, it's a religious..well, more pointedly, a christian issue and being that, I'm saddened it is now becoming a political issue.

Hopefully this isn't showing us that Obama is going to be wishy/washy on issues and will feel that he has to "play" to both sides to be popular. We saw a lot of that with Clinton (please don't make this an issue y'all) and all it does is to take away the prez' focus on what's really important.

Here's one quote from some of the more important beliefs of the Eposcopalian sect. It's just SUPER. I have to say, if someone held a gun to my head and said I had to choose one christian denomination...this would be it.

"11.Uniformity of beliefs and disciplines is stifling. Our differences disclose the variety of gifts the Spirit gives. We will have different perceptions about what friendship with God requires of us. So we don't tell each other what to do or make judgments about each other. We do try to be supportive of each other. We try to be "a church in which there are no outcasts" as our former Presiding Bishop puts it. We struggle hard to overcome those fears which keep us from being fully inclusive. God is not through with us yet. So we strive to be a community in which we have “in all things essential, unity; in all things non-essential, diversity; in all things, charity.”

But, even though I've said that....I'd like to see this religious thing lose importance in our governmental activities. What's next....cowtowing to Islamic religious concerns?


Some will say he is accepting

more then just his believes, but is embracing the believes of others in his inauguration. That he is strong in his faith and convictions and can look beyond the simple one church is right mentality.

For Obama's sake, I hope this is right.

Strength of character is a litmus test every president is forced to pass. For many, bush the 2nd failed miserably. Clinton failed just as bad this test as bush did.

Perceptions, right or wrong, make or break a pres. The last great Dem pres I look up to is Kennedy. The last great Rebug pres I look up to is Reagan. No other president comes close to either of these guys.

The perception of both these guys was they where good for the country.

Clinton and bush do not have that distinction. Both have the perception they were bad for our country. 16 years with the perception of having a bad president is not good for a country. Look at our economy for evidence.


Hard to argue.

The best thinking is independent thinking.