Lately, I've mostly ignored John Hood, Stagemanager at the Art Pope Puppetshow. Hood is a hard-core proponent of free-market extremism, whose disdain for government knows no bounds. So why am I acknowledging Hood's unfortunate existence today? Because I want you to understand the utter lack of integrity with which the Puppetshow operates.

As prelude, there is one thing you should know. The Stagemanager and his not-for-profit minions are part of a political operation dedicated to helping the Republican Party grow in North Carolina. Each and every action and "report" produced by the Puppetshow is designed to prepare the ground for Republican electoral victories. Which brings me to John Hood's sad little column today. Here's the teaser:

By blithely ignoring common sense and essentially accusing the majority of North Carolinians of bigotry, immigration-rights advocates are doing their charges no favors.

Ah yes, the magical sleight of hand made possible only through the use of the word "essentially." Without a shred of evidence to support his assertion, Hood drives the latest Republican wedge, pushing it deep into the heart of North Carolina's electorate. In doing so, he accuses both Erskine Bowles and Mike Easley of calling their opponents bigots. That opening insult is but one among many misrepresentations of truth in Hood's column today. None of us should be surprised. Mr. Hood is, after all, essentially a liar. To my knowledge.


You have nailed it.

essentially. To my knowledge.

God I hate equivocation. I wish these people would take a fucking stand and not be such wimpy little bastards. They remind me of my siblings when we fought as kids - and would tell my mom, "I didn't punch him, he rammed his face into my fist".

So, essentially, I think they're giant wusses.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi


I understand that it is not wise politically to call your opponents bigots, but clearly the John Locke Foundation and Civitas are using prejudice (race, ethnicity, poverty, gender orientation, etc) to promote Republican policies. It may be politically incorrect for Easley to say it, but certainly the rest of us should be loud and clear.

Paul Krugman doesn't pull any punches on this subject in Conscience of a Liberal. He believes Republican electoral victories are due primarily to white southerners who switched their vote after the civil rights movement.

Let's face it, bigotry is part of the immigration debate. We shouldn't be afraid to tell the truth as it is, and make an appeal (a Democratic one, naturally) for social and economic justice.


I know there's a ton of bigotry in the anti-immigrant debate. So does John Hood, which is just one more reason he is, essentially, a liar.

What's going on with Hood's post is deeply disturbing and nefarious. He's trying to turn the anti-immigrant crowd into the victims. And he's trying to make the case that Bowles and Easley leaned on an assumption of bigotry in their remarks. They did not. They did not even come close.

I used to think Hood had occasional moments of lucidity, but over the past few months, it's clear he's mainlining Art Pope's partisan agenda with virtually every "report" and column he oversees. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - Mr. Hood is wholly dependent on the largess of the Puppetmaster for his personal financial well-being.

While we're on that subject...

Hood et al from JLF and Civitas talk ad nauseam about "preserving their economic freedom and liberty." If that's the case, shouldn't they be entrepreneurs or small business owners?

Phonies. All of them.

Good point, Steve.

It's actually pretty funny that they get a pass to rant about free-market this and free-market that all the time, as if they know anything about the free market. They're a not-for-profit organization, for heaven's sake! They get money the old fashioned way . . . from Sugar Daddy Pope.

One of them challenged me on that once saying you don't have to be a businessman to understand business. Maybe not, but who are you going to trust for advice - people who have actually done the thing your talking about, or people who have studied it from the sidelines. These folks not only don't know business, they also don't know government. Which makes it all the more remarkable that anyone pays any attention to all their happy horse hockey.