To the Executive Council.

As a teacher the way we write lesson plans is to first state the objective.
So with that being said what is the objective?
We need to emerge from the meeting with a competent ED. The next executive director needs to be from the inside, they need to know the landscape of the state. They need to be able to make money, they need to bring into others into the party. The need to know how to run a campaign and get democrats elected. They need to be able to work with others to find the middle ground. The only person who fits these requirements is Casey Mann. She can lead this party back to winning elections.

We also need to discuss the end goals of the members of the council, especially those in elected positions, with all parties seeing eye to eye. Our communities and our constituents need to see that we can come together to get Democrats elected.

I am concerned with all the finger pointing especially towards Randy. I do not understand it on a multitude of levels. We have not done this in the past, but going forward we must consider and demand a complete and detailed accounting of what each officer of the board has been doing to fulfill the tasks you have been specifically charged with. We know what the job description for the Chair is - to reach out across the state and promote the Democratic party. Randy is doing that, he is all over the state. So each of you should have to show what you have done.

We all are so quick to point fingers at one another when we should be pointing them at ourselves. On another level, what is your goal in cutting the leader of the party down? Do you think it makes you look good? Do you think that by doing so, in the times of no more tax checkoff money, it will bring in more money? Do you think that your behavior is becoming of an officer of the party? And if you think that by tearing the party down you are promoting yourself, you are more immature than I thought. You do not do yourself any favors by bringing the chairman down. We need to emerge today, with a new attitude and focus because the true test of our abilities, not just one person’s, but of us all, is how we do in the election. We need to start to think of ourselves as a whole and not just a part. We need to understand when one of us falls we all look bad for not being there to catch them. So the goal has to be to get democrats elected, if you do not hold this goal then why are you here? We have to agree, in order to get democrats elected we have ALL got to promote the party and for us to move forward we have to start thinking outside the box. We don’t have the money for campaigns to run as they were in the past. We have to create new ways of doing things, we need to bring our friends into the party as active participants, we need to generate the enthusiasm for getting democrats elected like our lives depended on it because I have news for you, our lives do depend on it.

Families all across our state are hurting due to the regressive, destructive, and immoral policies of the republican party in just the past year, they are depending on us to pull this election out of our asses and getting democrats elected.

To all of you in opposition to our Chairman, - you are behaving like the republicans when referring to our President. They use every insult to defame him in order to discredit his agenda and ideas. The republicans and the naysayers could be one and the same. Again, this is childish behavior and can no longer be considered acceptable or tolerated; it is akin to a child throwing a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way.

And finally, I would like to speak out against Kay Hagan using the Wake County as the way to pass money through the party as opposed to passing it through the Goodwin House. It is unconscionable for this to occur especially at the hands of one particular county over another. This is what happens when party officers belittle the party for some shortsighted personal agenda. This costs us emotional and physical capital. What concerns me is the fact that one of the persons that got us questioning how much money everyone has, is being put in charge of the monies from the Hagan campaign. And furthermore, if Kay Hagan does not believe in the party that got her elected than we do not believe in her. She works for us not the other way around. And if the party officers had not spread innuendos about the party, Kay Hagan would not have felt she needed to go outside of the traditional party structure. Resources are being burned ,not to get Kay Hagan and other democrats elected but, used on acquiring a separate headquarters when the Goodwin House is right here. It sends the wrong message establishing a precedent that will haunt us in the future. What will prevent another campaign from doing the same thing or more?


Right On, and again

The Voller haters, among the best names in Wake Democratic Party told all their Country Club friends to not give to the NCDP, cause they hate Voller. Beth, the dental hygienist (masquerading as auditor) demanded her money back from NCDP, implying Randy is a not trustworthy (Les is more). Gary Pearce is hovering in the background, sliming Voller repeatedly, including through his pet poodle, John Frank of the N&O. Lots of other shenanigans (frigging in the rigging going on - check on Nina baby).

So this bunch of high toned obstructionists and whack jobs have worked hard to ruin Randy Voller - destroy his reputation, his personal and professional life and kill his political life. Ask Nina Szlosberg why she feels entitled to destroy people as her whim.

It is not their Democratic Party. They are funneling money via Wake Citizens for Good Government (is that not Dean Debnam) (and Swindell?). And, they do not like being called to account in public, which is about to be
much more public.