Executive Council of NCDP to vote on judge endorsement Sunday

Details on the meeting: Executive Council Meeting

Sunday, October 12, 2014
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Goodwin House
220 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Chris Hardee to ‎Democratic Women of North Carolina on FB

Friends and especially SEC members: There is a lot at stake on the ballot this year and at the top of that list is our State Courts. In addition to the 5 top judges we have been working on since May, there is a 6th Court of Appeals race with 8 registered Dems and 11 others running for one seat. Due to late filing for this seat there is not a primary, just a free for all. The NC Democratic Party (via its Executive Council) is meeting this weekend to choose a candidate to endorse in that race.

Many of you are already supporting a candidate and some, like me, have already voted. Others have not gotten much info on all the candidates. The State Chair appointed a committee to gather background and other relevant details on our candidates and they will each be given an opportunity to speak to the Council before we vote. If you want your voice heard you should reach out to your Executive Council and give your opinion. Even better, show up and lobby for your favorite candidate. This meeting at the Goodwin House, as is every NCDP meeting, is open to any Democrat in NC. We need to elect a solid Democrat to this seat and our Party has the opportunity engage in it.

I don't want to publicly post the list and contact info for the entire Council, but you can get it from HQ or PM me for more details.



For the Record: I have already given my opinion

and it has not changed. I am still supporting and will vote for Keischa Lovelace for Court of Appeals. This is from her Keischa Lovelace for Court of Appeals Facebook page 18 hours ago:

After traveling the State and talking to many, many voters and leaders about why I'm running for the Court of Appeals, I am honored to have the statewide endorsement of the African American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Ms Lovelace already had the endorsement of the NC Advocates for Justice, a trial lawyers group.

I have real problem with the Party endorsing in a non-partisan election and one without a primary.

Yes, it is a confusing race.

Yes, some people need help learning about the judicial candidates. However, the State Board of Elections has done a mailer with info from all the candidates in all the judicial races for all registered voters. The NC Center for Voter Education and other groups have information of the candidates.

If the Democratic Party endorses, the GOP will throw this back in our faces. I can just hear the ruckus about the Party making partisan a race which is supposed to be non-partisan. Doesn't have to be true these days, as we know. Just half-truth seems to work fine in current political environment.

Martha Brock

I had heard that the GOP endorsed a specific candidate

The google says that it is true:
“There were a number of qualified Republican candidates in contention for the endorsement, but the decision to unify around one candidate will strengthen our chances of having a Republican win this important position in the November election."

But I agree - endorsing one is sort of a slap in the face to all the others.

For what it's worth, we noted the party affiliation of each candidate on our sample ballots. That doesn't help tremendously but we really were not sure what to do or what we could do.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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