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The North Carolina Farm Bureau (NCFB) will be reviewing the resolution below at its February 23, 2007, board meeting. This resolution was presented and posted in December, in Raleigh at the annual meeting, now it will be going before the NCFB board, requesting the aid and assistance of the America Farm Bureau Federation to defend eastern North Carolina farmers.

Farm Bureau Resolution:
NCFB Board meeting: February 23, 2007
Solicit their strongest support and influence to vote yes!

Be it resolved: The North Carolina Farm Bureau shall solicit full support and direct involvement of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) to defend eastern North Carolina farmers from the U.S. Navy’s proposed Outlying Landing Field (OLF) by providing direct lobbying assistance, elevation to AFBF priority status and to take any other action that is appropriate and effective.

I'd like to see the Farm Bureau also call on the Governor and the NC General Assembly to oppose the OLF at Site C, but that's probably asking too much of an organization that has come so late to the issue of protecting its core constituency.

You can contact the NC Farm Bureau at (919) 782-1705 to thank them for finally getting this onto their agenda.



That was an unexpected turnaround yes/no?
You can bet Floyd Lupton would have fought this, too.

Hard to think about the OLF area this time of year without wondering what it's like near the lakes. It's high season for the flyway and I imagine that it's a lovely and noisy day out on Lake Mattamuskeet.

Here's a short essay/edit I wrote for the Indy a couple years back:

That there are places on this earth that are sacred is not some quaint notion shared by only environmentalists, Native Americans and old hippies. You cannot walk this planet and not be struck by the fact that there are spaces that embody the word beauty, sites that are humbling and exhilarating and lands that are the cradle of whole species.

The Pocosin Lakes region of Eastern North Carolina is such a place. It is the winter home to tens of thousands of geese, tundra swans and other birds—its estuaries and waterways a reliable bounty and a safe harbor in the cold months.

Now this region is at risk—chosen for its rare, quiet darkness along the Eastern Seaboard for practice drills in flight of an altogether different kind. It does not make sense that such a sacrifice take place. No one, stepping back from this, would call it a good deal. Not for the swans and geese and black bear, certainly, but also not for the rest of us. The towns and counties stand to lose rather than gain economic benefit when 50 square miles are pulled off the tax rolls. And we have placed at risk another sacred place in the name of convenience and might.

Please please please

I wish for everyone to realize that not only is the placement of this second OLF a travisty by the Navy to support the people of Hampton Roads, no where has the Navy proven they NEED this thing. The fact that they are placing this thing near a Refuge is horrible. The fact that its not needed anywhere in North Carolina is beyoned horrible.

There are 5 total sites that are under the gun for this OLF. Each site has its own set of people and circumstances. None of these sites will survive if the Navy places the OLF in their county.

For all the reasons that have been documented by all the people commenting on this site, this OLF cannot be placed in NE NC.

The Navy first and formost MUST fix the encroachment problems in Virginia, their prefered master jet base site and consiquently, the OLF that was set aside back in 1940s to support this future master jet base. No one in Virginia that is living in a house built after 1957 can require the Navy to do anything to fix noise in Hampton Roads as that is the year that Oceana became a master jet base and Fentress was designated its supporting OLF. The Navy must tell the local officials to fix the encroachment concerns. The elected officials of North Carolina must insist upon the same thing. Hampton Roads fix your problems.

Before the Navy and subsequently congress eminent domains 30,000 acres anywhere in NE NC, the encroachment problems that ARE effecting the viability of Oceana must be corrected. This OLF will not, nor cannot fix that problem as the planes have to fly out of Oceana for all missions. Alot of FCLP missions must be flown at Oceana but these missions are hampered due to encroachment causing them to be ineffective according to the criteria the Navy has stated is needed. Fentress has an even bigger problem with encroachment. Without fixing these problems, the Navy is only creating new problems.

I ask that folks continue to fight this OLF in NE North Carolina, but that they substatute site C with NE NC. Every comment except those directly supporting the refuge is applicable to any of the other sites. The same reasons you are using to protect site C, will also work for sites a, b, d and e.

First and foremost, this OLF is not NEEDED
Second, this OLF will not fix the encroachment problems existing now around Oceana and Fentress.
Third, this OLF will not give the people of Hampton Roads any apriciable noise mitigation.
Fourth, the Navy is lying about its ability to perform surge by placing to much emphisis solely on Fentress as the only place to perform FCLP operations on the East Coast.
Fifth, the Navys documentation contridicts itself, and is so full of errors that its not usable in anyway. Yet these documents where "carefully studied" to insure that the true impact was demonstrated to the effected people and habitat.

Again, thank you all for the support and efforts, the letters and emails working on the elected officials in North Carolina. That is where this fight will be won. We need more people like Representive Butterfield publicly speaking out against this thing.

I also thank all the organizations that have signed up and are supporting this movement. There is alot of you out there and keep up the awesome work.

Unexpected for sure

I know the NO OLF people were really disappointed early on that the NCFB didn't lift a finger to help. They argued that fighting the OLF at Site C would mean they'd run the risk of having to fight it somewhere else. Go figure.

I Think it's Great

I'm glad they decided to do the right thing. I hope they use the power of their organization to be vocal - very vocal.

There are more appropriate sites for this - safer and just as convenient.

Our farmers have been taking it on the chin for the last 30 years (at least). I, for one, am tired of exporting jobs and importing food. Good stewards should be rewarded, not cheated.


BRAC means Base Realignment and CLOSURE. Not opening up shop somewhere else.

I agree VA needs to adress their problems rather than export them.

There are 27 other military facilities in NC - four of them listed as OLF. Expanding mission capability of existing facilities is realignment. Closing old bases and building new ones doesn't fit the objective of saving money and achieving efficiency.

This is our opportunity

to galvanize support to stop the Navy from destroying a magnificant region due to the encroachment sins of Virginia Beach.

Please call the offices of your county Farm Bureau and Raleigh. American Farm Bureau needs to know the people of North Carolina will be watching their votes regarding the resolution. Tell them it is time to practice what they purport in NCFB's by laws; which is to support the American Farmer. This resolution will not only protect the farmers embroiled in the battle over site C, but for all the farmers across the state.

I plan to tell Raleigh that if this resolution is not passed, my insurance WILL be cancelled.

Thank you Bluenc for supporting the No-OLF on this issue. You are helping America understand that we are fighting for all the citizens of this country and working extremely hard to protect their rights as well. No drawn party lines, we need everyone’s help.