Federal funding at risk thanks to HB2

The consequences of institutional bigotry are piling up:

The ongoing reviews at the Education, Transportation, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Health and Human Services departments are not yet complete, and it is unclear how much federal money might be involved. But the Obama administration’s decision to scrutinize what White House press secretary Josh Earnest described as “both policy and legal questions that are raised by the passage of this law” suggests that the measure signed by Gov. Pat McCrory (R) last month could have major implications for his state.

The Transportation Department sends roughly $1 billion to North Carolina a year, while the Education Department provides more than four times that amount.

McCrory and GOP leaders in the General Assembly have nobody to blame but themselves, for these and other economic losses associated with this horrible new law. But instead of taking both responsibility and steps to ameliorate the situation, their obstinance and political posturing will only make it worse:

“It's shameful the Obama administration would consider using North Carolina children and families as pawns on a political chessboard in an attempt advance their radical political agenda to eliminate sex-specific bathrooms and locker rooms in schools," said Ricky Diaz, a spokesman for McCrory’s reelection campaign.

Bolding mine, because that's exactly what the GOP is doing to generate momentum for their campaigns. Methinks Little Ricky doth protest too much, because he knows just how obvious their motivations are.



Exposing the hypocrisy

of these demagogues is not as enjoyable as it may seem. It's like winning an argument with a 2nd grader, only less challenging, and you don't get to throw a ball at them when they run away laughing.