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It shouldn't just be Equality NC yanking Ford's chain, it should be his fellow Democrats also. He's not only throwing LGBT folks under the bus, he's trying to make a name for himself by doing so. And he'll drag us all down with him if he can, so he can be the king of the D bigots.

The LGBT Dem Caucus of NC

The LGBT Democratic Caucus of NC has been doing sponsored social media posts again HB186. I doubt that is costing them much, but I've been a dues paying member to that caucus since it was founded.

The idea that some of my dues to the Democratic Party are having to be used to stop Democratic Party legislators from behaving badly does feel a little wasteful and unnecessary. But stuff like this makes me less inclined to donate directly to the party and more inclined to donate to the caucus who has my back. So in a way it's coming out of the party's income.

Understand, but I'm hoping

our new leadership in the NCDP will take a stronger (or more involved) stance with some of the more blatant ConservaDem positions like this one. Regardless of the innuendo coming from Ford and Goodman, their opinions on these social issues are not shared by other Democrats, except for maybe one or two wafflers.

They're like people trying to get a standing ovation started, but nobody else feels like standing up.

Quite possibly the best way

to deal with someone like him, who seems to only care about economics, and doesn't give a hoot about equality and rights. Let the stream of cash (from individuals, anyway) dwindle down to nothing, and see how he feels after that.

That's what his emails have

That's what his emails have been about for the past two days. Big news? Meh. Another egomaniac running to be a big fat fish in a tiny little pond.

I hope he'll address concerns

I hope he'll address concerns about his repeated opposition to LGBT equality. From expressing opposition to President Obama's successful DADT repeal allowing gay servicemen and women to serve openly, from his support for SB2 which let government magistrates discriminate against LGBT people, to expressing some concerning things about LGBT equality efforts locally, to now supporting HB186 which says that government funded nonprofits can discriminate against LGBT people.

The GOP almost would have to defend their constant party-line votes against LGBT people and perpetuating culture wars, except that Senator Ford keeps going out of his way to make anti-gay attacks a bipartisan thing. I believe politicians and people can sincerely evolve on issues, especially over time, and I'm hopeful. But I'm concerned since he's supporting the anti-LGBT HB186 bill right now.