Firing teachers

The budget just approved by the House includes a provision that makes the State Board of Education, not local boards, responsible for setting policy on how impending school layoffs will be handled. One of the chief House budget-writers for education issues said Thursday that the departure from the Republican ideal of local control came because lawmakers wanted to make rules on how layoffs are carried out as uniform as possible statewide.

In other words, big government Republicans in Raleigh know a helluva lot more about which of your teachers should be fired than your local principals, superintendents, and school boards. Don't you just love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning!

Let's help them out and offer some suggestions for "policy" on firing teachers. Here are my suggestions:

1. Only registered Democrats may be fired.
2. Teachers who believe in science must be fired.
3. Gay teachers must be fired.
4. Any teacher who has ever had an abortion must be fired.
5. Teachers who have made contributions to the NCGOP may NOT be fired.
6. Any teacher who drives a Volvo must be fired.
7. Any teacher who uses a Lenovo computer must be fired.
8. Teachers who don't buy supplies from Art Pope's Roses stores must be fired.


Oppressing local governments

has become so frequent even Laura Leslie Tweeted about it:

#ncga leaders: State, not locals, will set policy for school cuts, broadband, billboards, gun laws, enviro regs, grants, etc. Limited govt?

Which elicited this response from one of the Lockers:

@MeckDeck: Local tyranny is still tyranny. #ncga If you lived in MeckCo, you'd understand.

These pseudo-anarchists blow my mind. Everywhere they look, they see tyrants. But they still set their trashcan out on the curb, luxuriate in a hot shower of clean water, watch their kids climb into a schoolbus, drive on nice new asphalt roads, etc.

Okay so they've got me on #1,

Okay so they've got me on #1, #2 & #8. My days are numbered!

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I hope your days are not numbered

but I wouldn't not be at all surprised to see the Taliban "policy" for firing become another witch hunt.