Follow the Foxx money

I'm always amazed at the number of Right-Wingers who claim to hate government but then spend millions to get into the very same government. It's fascinating that so many rich people would fight over public service jobs -- House Rep and Senate, for example -- that pay but a mere pittance of what they could probably make in the "private sector."

If they believe the government is such a bad thing, why do they continually do whatever they can to return to Washington?

Oh, yeah,...the money.

Take the curious case of U.S. Rep Virginia Foxx (R - Dist. 4). Seems this former teacher and garden-shop owner is getting rich off her constituents. And the longer she stays in federal office, the richer she gets.

According to Federal Election Commission (FEC) data culled from online resources such as as well as county tax records in North Carolina, Foxx's assets are growing exponentially. While she continues to keep more and more of the campaign funds that come in from her numerous corporate owners (See Campaign Finances Image), she is spending less and less of that on her campaigns and now has more than $1.2 million in the bank.


Her listed assets have grown from about $2 million to $8 million in the past six years. That's a pretty good return, but where is that money really coming from? One possibility is the number of properties she owns. Those are growing as well, with the largest influx in land coming in the years after she began her political career (See property list).

Now someone must explain to me how you can spend less and less time at your business and have your assets grow so much.

This is something the Billy Kennedy needs to hammer on in this election cycle. I'd like to see him challenge the Foxx campaign to open their books and show what exactly she spends those campaign dollars on. "OPEN THE BOOKS, Ginny. What are you afraid of?"

In addition, I'd like to challenge those in the district who might have some better inside knowledge than me to check into the land she owns and how much of it is now considered "agricultural" and what the land is being used for.

Foxx is a bigoted, dangerous ideologue, but first and foremost, she's still a right-wing Republican and if we've learned anything about those folks, we've learned they loves them some greed.


Digging the dirt up

could be a joint effort here on the blogs. We could prepare a nice dossier on Ginny. Perhaps a timeline?

It has always been a curiosity to me how politicians manage to become so wealthy while they are supposedly doing the work in the people's house.

Keep following the money

Good work. I know it can be a mind-numbing exercise, but politicians like Foxx get a lot of their votes because people back home assume they are just, "regular, ordinary folks" who are struggling against rich fat-cats in DC.

You blow away that image, and the average voter begins to ask the right questions.

We need to keep banging away at her idiotic statements

The "people back home" need to be innundated with the outrageous remarks Foxx has made..over and over and over again so they can see just what an embarrassment she is for their district. Things like:


And this

Or maybe this?

And how about this

She is just SO good at being an idiot.

Point is, we also need to keep a record of these to get out to voters in her district at every opportunity.

Need an explanation

Can one of you fine people explain to me how raising campaign money makes Rep. Foxx wealthy? Are you saying that she is going to take money from her campaign account and use it for personal expenses? Regardless of your position on her positons, this arguement that you are making doesn't make sense to me. Help, please?

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

It's shady financial practice

Hey, Piper:

I'd like her to open her books and show exactly what the money she has raised is being spent on because as it is right now, it's very shady that she is spending less and less on campaigning even though she is putting more and more into her bank account. For all we know she has used that money to pay for all the property she has acquired, coincidently, since she started running for office.

She will probably say her husband is the one with the assets and that she is just holding that money for a rainy day, but how do we know if she doesn't explain why she isn't spending that campaign funds on campaigning? Unless she opens her books up to scrutiny and we see for sure who and what she is paying with those fund, we won't know. It's just curious for someone who was a teacher and who doesn't spend any time on her business to see her assets grow like that over such a short time. That's really the point of the post.

She's always talking about fiscal responsibility in Washington, yet she doesn't practice what she preaches.



Interesting questions about Foxx, Syd

I would think that the FEC would be interested in the same questions. Perhaps a little "heads up" to them is in order?

LOOK what the FEC has just turned up, for example.

In my mind, this is perfect for Kennedy

I would like to see Billy Kennedy hammer her with this issue and make her finances the centerpiece of the campaign. If he tries to go toe to toe on social or defense issues, she's got that script down pat and he'll have a long road to hoe. This is something that everyone can understand: professional politicians getting rich off the system.

Another thing to check is how much of her property is classified as "agricultural." That's a classic kickback dodge for elected officials so they don't havge to pay their fair share of taxes.



There are lots of ways

to funnel campaign money into personal expenses. Overpayment for services which is refunded back to the person (not the campaign), recreational travel that is charged to the campaign fund because you gabbed with some people in a coffee shop, car payments, phone bills, etc.

Another more ambiguous way is paying staffers a salary and having them perform a variety of tasks, some totally unrelated to the campaign.

I'm not saying she's doing these things, but when a politician maintains a war chest that heavy to defend a seat that is virtually impregnable, you need to ask "why"?

Great new on-line link for following the money, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization that tracks contributions to members of U.S. Congress, launched a redesigned, new website this month in honor of Sunshine Week. It has some nifty new search tools and allows users to track how money aligns with votes on specific bills, reveals how much individual legislators have received from different industries and organizations and also allows you to search for specific contributions by parties, by committee and within date ranges. Visit it at They have Foxx in their database.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Great link, thanks...look at Healthcare contributions

It's no coincidence that she fought so hard by spreading dis-information and scare tactics to defend big Health Insurance companies. She's owned by them obviously.

Great link, though. Everyone should check it out.