Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

For those who say that Obama didnt visit with the troops

Former Ramstein medical chief denounces McCain

VoteVets, the pro-Democrat group of retired military personnel, counters McCain's Black Hawk down statement with some outrage from Col. Katherine Scheirman (Ret.), the retired Chief of Medical Operations for United States Air Force in Europe Headquarters at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany:

"John McCain's new ad is dishonest and shameful, and I say that as the former Chief of Medical Operations. Senators Hagel and Reed confirmed to Bob Schieffer yesterday that Senator Obama visited the Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad as a part of their CODEL, with no media present.

"In Germany, Senator Obama made the right decision to respect wounded troops, and the doctors and nurses doing crucial and time-sensitive work, by not making a visit that was characterized as a campaign event by the Pentagon. Senator Obama should be thanked for putting our military above politics. And, I would hope that John McCain would think in those same terms, the next time he is put in a similar situation.

"Senator Obama has voted for the troops when John McCain has not, most recently on the new GI Bill. I am happy that Senator Obama puts the welfare of our troops above politics."
Also, it's notable that Obama's camp, quick to respond to most every charge and ever-conscious of not repeating the mistakes of Kerry, has yet to go on the air with a spot pushing back against McCain's charge on the troop visit. Apparently, they won't unless McCain puts real money behind his spot and goes beyond just gaming it for earned media.



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What a smarmy piece of dung ... without enough upstairs to think of his own talking points ... just spouting more McBush bullshit.

If I had to place my life in the hands of someone based on his willingness to speak honestly, that someone would not be Richard Burr. He's a Republican partisan first - and his support for John McCain and George Bush shows he cares little about what this nation once stood for.

Note to Brrrr. Better watch out ... you're starting to sound a lot like Patty McHenry. And trust me, sir, that is about as low as anyone can ever go.

Enjoy it while it lasts

Wow, watching that clip is like being in a Bizarro universe. TV journalists challenging Republican mouthpieces when they spout manifestly false bullshit?

I'm gonna have to check and see if all the wheels in the country have turned square.

Signing off now. Hello!

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